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14 benefits of an Air Purifier and why you should have one. - Solenco South Africa

14 benefits of an Air Purifier and why you should have one.

There are many benefits for Air Purifiers here are 14 Reasons why you should own one in your home. 

1. Air Purifiers reduce allergies

    Allergies can easily trigger an illness, especially for hypersensitive people. Being exposed to pollen, pet dander and dust mites are the main triggers of allergies. Our range of Air Purifiers are built to keep indoor air clean of impurities that cause allergies and health complications. You can't just purely rely on regular home cleaning to get rid of allergens. 

    2. Air Purifiers help fight asthma and other respiratory issues.

      Air purifiers can help eliminate the microbes that cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory complications. HEPA filters that have a built in capacity to filter over 99.9% of allergens, where carbon filters help eliminate odours and airborne chemicals. Air Purifiers are considered the fourth most effective measure to prevent asthma, and a great way to stay healthy at home!

      3. Air Purifiers reduce smell and odours. 

        Is your home or surroundings filled with smells or odours? Investing in an Air Purifier could be part of a long term solution to the problem. Indoor odours are caused due to cooling, water damage and flooding. If left and not attended to water damage can create the perfect breeding ground for mould to grow. An Air Purifier will filter your air and eliminate the odours, mould spores and leaving you and your family with clean air to inhale. 

        4. Air purifiers clean air from pet's hair

          If you live with pets, you must find ways to deal with indoor air pollution. Pets usually shed hair and dander and produce odour, which puts children and other family members at a high risk of breathing in the polluted air. The problem can be made a lot worse if the pet is not groomed regularly.

          5. Air purifiers make calming noises for sleep

          Air purifier benefits extend beyond cleaning your indoor air. The sound that air purifiers make has been compared to nature's calming noises, like the one of ocean waves, and the one of mountain winds. These sounds calm you down, and help you fall into a comfortable sleep.

          6. Air purifiers help you lead a healthier lifestyle

            If you have always wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle, investing in an Air Purifier is a very good start. One of the benefits of an air purifiers, besides ensuring the air you breathe is fresh and clean, is that it can be of great help to people with a weakened immune system. Pregnant women can also benefit from the fresh and purified air since the risk of new-borns developing certain illnesses will be significantly reduced.

            7. Air purifiers kill germs and bacteria

            Air purifiers are also a great way to protect yourself and your family against sickness, flu, and colds. Air Purifiers with a built in UV Light collects and completely kills the microorganism, instead of filtering it through plates like regular air purifiers. Air purifiers are a great sickness prevention that you must include at home!

            8. Air purifiers reduce stress

            Studies have shown that air pollutants (whether indoor our outdoors) increase your stress levels. When air purifiers clean the air and remove toxins from it, they are also playing a major role in reducing your stress levels and maintaining a healthy mental health.

            9. Air purifiers protect you against dangers of outdoors pollution

            Studies have shown that air purifiers with HEPA filters reduce the outdoor air pollution that comes inside of your home, by 23%. This means that air purifiers also reduce your chances of being affected by air pollution and its related health-problems.

            10. Air purifiers decrease risks of contamination

            The air you breath contains more than 1800 kinds of bacteria, including ones that can cause sickness. Think about it, whenever someone with a cold sneezes, germs spread in the air and are inhaled by others. This results in contamination. Air purifiers help kill these germs and reduce your risks of getting sick.

            11. Air purifiers protect your walls from mould

            Humidity can result in mould on your walls. Mould is not only unpleasant to look at, but it also causes health problems (like infections and irritations). Air purifiers are a great way to absorb mould spores and kill them.

            12. Air purifiers help prevent headaches

            A very common type of headache is the sinus headache. This is caused by the airborne allergens that cause the pain in the region around your head. When the air purifier does its magic, it kills these allergens and prevents you from inhaling them.

            13. Air purifiers clean the air while you are cooking

            Cooking releases heat, whether you are frying, grilling or baking. When you cook, you release a lot of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other chemicals in the air, that are unhealthy and have an odour. An air purifier helps combat these toxins and keeps your kitchen smelling clean.

            14. Air purifiers benefit your skin

            When air purifiers absorb and kill pollutants from your environment, it is also protecting your skin from toxins that trigger itchiness, acne, and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Air purifiers can really save your skin from contact with germs, which slows down aging and heals acne.

            Air purifiers benefits are really endless!

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