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5 Reasons why you should stop using plastic straws - Solenco South Africa

5 Reasons why you should stop using plastic straws

Its been said that by 2050 there may be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Do something to stop this!

2000 years! Is how long plastic can remain in the environment because most plastic is not biodegradable. So the drink that took you 15 minutes (most times less) to drink will remain in the environment for generations. 

Its quite likely that every single straw you and have ever used is still floating around somewhere. 

1. Toxic materials 

Some plastic straws are still being made from materials that are possibly toxic or carcinogenic. Straws labeled "BPA-free" can still contain the chemical. 

2. Plastic is not biodegradable

Most straws are made from recyclable materials they are still difficult to recycle. Strawless Ocean in the US say that straws are too lightweight for recycling sorters and they tend to drop through the sorting screens and end up in landfills. (this is ONLY if somebody actually puts the straws in the recycling bin)

3. Straws pollute the ocean

For many many reasons Straws unfortunately end up in the ocean because they are used and left on the beach, blown out of dirtbins or washed down drains. (insert sad face). Because of the small size of the straw sea animals mistake bits of plastic for food and choke on them. (insert another sad face)

4.People can get hurt

Yes you read correctly straws can hurt people. 1000s of people every year land up in causalities due to straw-related injuries. Injuries such as contusions, abrasions, mouth injuries, eyes injuries etc....

5. Straws are wasteful 

38 000 straws in 60 years is the figure that the average person will go through which equates to 500 million straws used daily in the USA only. 

Then we wonder why 100 000 sea animals and 1 million birds die yearly due to consuming plastic. 

So what can you do to help?

Don't ask for a straw with your beverage!!

It may feel like you can't save the planet on your own but little habits like refuses plastic straws will help raise awareness. 

If you not able to live without straws then look at using reusable straws like bamboo, stainless steel, silicone etc. 

And tell your family and friends todo the same. 

With this being said Solenco is giving a branded telescopic straw to every customer who purchases to the value of and between R4799 and R7500 on the Solenco online store only. 

Shop now and get your straw

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