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Allergies....Oh Allergies, why now? - Solenco South Africa

Allergies....Oh Allergies, why now?

When we suffer from allergies most of us rush to our medicine cabinet, closest pharmacy or book an appointment with the Doctor. We want to treat them with pills, inhalers, nose sprays etc. BUT there are many other factors in our day to day lives that could impact and cause our allergies.

There are no cures or vaccines available for allergies only prevention, which generally requires controlling your environment and treating the symptoms.

Ever thought of the impact that a vacuum cleaner could have for allergies??

For those who suffer from allergies, its recommended that you vacuum on a regular basis to improve allergy symptoms by getting rid of allergy triggers like dust mites. Some people suggest keeping windows closed when outdoor allergens are at high levels, minimizing the use of window fans because they pull pollen from outdoors indoors, and to vacuum two or more times per week.

Vacuuming is recommended because it is one effective way to keep floors clean, and though not always well recognized, dusty and dirty floors are often primary culprits for indoor allergies. Some people also recommend leaving shoes at the door, to minimize the dirt and dust that accumulates on floors in the first place. Nonetheless, whether shoes are worn indoors or not, dust will naturally occur, and it will need to be removed. Unlike vacuuming, sweeping actually stirs up dust and can therefore exacerbate allergies. Vacuuming is thus recommended as the best way to keep floors clean and allergen-free.

Though vacuuming is a great way to reduce indoor allergens, experts specify that vacuum cleaners will be most effective if they contain a high efficient particulate air (HEPA) filter because these filters are superior at pulling in dust particles. When vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are used, filters need to be changed approximately every six months.

For people allergic to environmental agents like pollen and dust mites, reducing the levels of these allergens to which they are exposed can be a highly effective way to manage allergies and allergy symptoms. Vacuum cleaners can minimize the amount of both indoor and outdoor allergens that are present inside, particularly if they incorporate HEPA filters, which are capable of removing these allergens at high rates.
We know that vacuuming is not everyone’s favourite thing todo so we have the solution. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners. They will do the job for you by just a click of a button. 

Both our models are fitted with HEPA filters… JOB DONE!!


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