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Benefits of using a humidifier - Solenco South Africa

Benefits of using a humidifier

4 Benefits of using a humidifier.

As the temperature falls, the combination of cold weather and indoor heaters makes for dry air conditions in our homes. This can lead to health problems, with many people suffering from dry skin, sore throats, a dry cough, cracked lips and itchy eyes. There is an added concern that dry air can increase the risk of exposure to infections and have a negative effect on those with respiratory conditions and allergies.

How can a humidifier help me?

Get better quality sleep

Improving the quality of sleep can be achieved with a humidifier, especially for children suffering from colds and for snorers, as the moist air will soothe the tissues at the back of the throat.

Relieve allergy symptoms and irritated skin

Well-balanced humidity levels can limit the spread of allergens in the air and on surfaces. The humidifier creates extra moisture that a person breathes in and this helps to relieve a dry cough and aids people suffering from dry or itchy skin, peeling or chapped lips and dry eye irritation.

A healthy environment for babies

Baby’s skin, which is particularly sensitive to dry climates, will stay soft and clear as a humidifier will help retain its natural moistness, stopping tender red patches. A humidifier in a baby nursery provides protection against dry air, to create optimal breathing conditions that will loosen the build-up of mucus, allowing babies to sleep comfortably.

Protect wooden furniture and musical instruments

Not only just good for your and your families health. There are also other benefits of using a humidifier in you home. A humidifier can help protect wooden furniture within the home, and in particular musical instruments, as it will stop these valuable items from drying out, preventing cracking and warping.

Solenco sells 2 types of humidifiers - Evaporative and Ultrasonic humidifiers read more on the difference between the two here. 


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