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Why is it important for recovering Cancer Patients to breathe clean air? - Solenco South Africa

Why is it important for recovering Cancer Patients to breathe clean air?

Living a healthy life with clean air

The quality of the air you breathe is a very important part of living a healthy life and even more so for patients with certain forms of cancer. These patients can have more difficulties if they live in areas with bad air pollution. Even if you are living surrounded by wide open green spaces you can be affected as our homes sometimes have more indoor air pollution than outside. 

You don't have to be diagnosed with lung cancer to be affected by mould spores or other indoor pollution that is doing the rounds in your home or recovery facility. Educating yourself on how to combat at-home pollutants and other bacteria will help ensure a quicker, easier recovery. 

Keep your home clean during recovery. 

Once you are home for your recovery it is very important to keep your home clean this will help with pollution and bacteria as well as avoiding infection or viruses. It is recommended to do your washing with hot water and disinfecting flat surfaces. Controlling the humidity and mould in your home is also highly recommended and very important.

Humidity is the cause of a lot of home health problems. By controlling the humidity in your home you will prevent mould problems which are often the causes of fatigue, nausea and even asthma, all of these you would want to avoid.

Clean Air = Clean mind 

"The great news is that there’s currently no scientific evidence to back the idea that exposure to mold spores can lead to cancer. The real issue at hand is purifying and dehumidifying the air to ensure that no other types of bacteria or virus can enter into your lungs and compromise your immune system during such a delicate recovery period. Clean air will ensure you can breath easily and relax as you embark on the journey that is recovery, and that peace of mind will mean everything once you’re back at home and ready to just rest." - Patient Empowerment Network. 


We recommend the Solenco Ultra Dry Dehumidifier and Air Purifier which is an Air filter dehumidifier. This means that it has Air Purifying features so it will clean the air you breathe and at the same time remove the excess moisture from the air and control the humidity. 

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