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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Dehumidifier & Air Purifier in 1 - Solenco South Africa

Dehumidifier & Air Purifier in 1

The Meaco 12L and 20L Low Energy units are magical units, did you know that this model dehumidifier comes with a HEPA filter and an Air Purification Function. 
So not only with this dehumidifier help with:
Remove moisture from a single room up to a small three bedroom home
Ideal for walk-in safes to prevent moisture damage to ammunition
Protect your valuables from mould and rust
Prolong the life of your appliances
Dry your laundry on rainy days
Prevent damage to soft furnishings and art pieces
Reduce mould and condensation in your kitchen and bathroom
Prevent rising damp that can lead to structural damage and peeling paint
Get rid of musty smells that are associated with mould and damp
Breathe easier by reducing mould spores
Great air purification mode for allergy sufferers
Added Air Purification Mode to turn the unit into a standalone air purifier!
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