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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Hobot Meets SweepSouth To Sweep You Off Your Feet - Solenco South Africa

Hobot Meets SweepSouth To Sweep You Off Your Feet

You’ve heard about them, you may have seen them, and you’re probably wondering what these nifty robot vacuums can actually do - other than conveniently bring your drink to you or provide endless entertainment for your pets – thanks TikTok. Solenco, in collaboration with SweepSouth, will paint the picture for you…without any spills.

Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are laborious, to say the least, especially if you have a large home with kids and animals. Robot vacuums were developed to take care of these chores, saving you time, energy and a whole lot of backache. Much like the value that the expert SweepStars from SweepSouth hold, robot vacuums deliver a service designed to make your life easier.

Make sure you get what you pay for 

First and foremost – make sure it does what it says it does. Solenco’s range of Hobot Vacuum cleaners for example come with one distinct difference from others on the market - they have an actual scrubbing action to clean floors. Other robotic vacuums tend to drag a damp cloth behind the unit (which doesn't really clean anything). 

The Hobot Legee 7 particularly offers 4-in-1 cleaning including vacuum, dry mopping, spray water function, and wet mopping with eight different speed settings to suit the environment and space of up to 240 metres squared. While your Hobot is taking care of the floors, the SweepStar you’ve booked will take care of countertops, sinks, windows, and everything else in between. A power team to have your home ready for any occasion.

If it ain’t smart, does it really count?

The Hobot Legee 7 uses a cellphone app to control your unit. You can also use your cellphone assistant (OK Google / Siri) to assign tasks. Furthermore, you can record your own voice as a prompt, or the voice of a loved one. 

The Legee 7 comes with the smart recharge and resume function, meaning your SweepStar won’t need to keep an eye out on which areas have been cleaned and which have not. I mean, can it get any more convenient? Yes it can, with SweepSouth’s flexible booking options. Should a booking need to be rescheduled on your behalf, switch your Hobot on for an extra clean and use SweepSouth’s easy booking process to pick a new time and day that suits you best.

Not all devices are equal when it comes to scheduling cleaning sessions. If automatically scheduled vacuuming is important to you, choose a device that allows you to pick the time and/or day that the robot will clean. Some devices will only allow you to pick a time of day and the robot will then clean at that same time each day. Other units allow for a bit more flexibility through custom scheduling. Flexibility, once again, is matched only by that of an accomplished home service provider. When choosing SweepSouth, your booking options aren’t restricted. From once-off bookings to recurring visits, you get to make the call.

Ideal for hard floors 

This particular unit is perfect for the modern home with floor textures such as hardwood, tile, vinyl and stone. It comes with front and rear cleaning pads that scrub the floor 600 times per minute. For those with carpets, it’s not recommended. Let the Hobot take care of your floors while your carpets are taken care of by the professional carpet cleaning services SweepSouth has to offer.

Battery life 

Larger homes and spaces will require appropriate battery life. Most vacuums can clean continuously for at least an hour until they must return to their charging dock for a recharge. Most robotic vacuums have an auto docking function, however, there are some less expensive models that do not have this. 

This function comes in handy when you aren’t around to place the unit on charge, and saves you from having to search for the unit if you have a larger home and are around. It's also convenient when working around load shedding schedules. Best of all, with the Hobot’s smart mapping technology, when it’s done recharging at its station, map memory will ensure it goes straight back to where it left off to complete the clean.

Noise level

 If you’re worried about the neighbours and plan to let it clean at night, choose the quietest device you can find or one with several cleaning modes. If it’s in the middle of the day, when no one is home, noise level isn’t really a concern. What’s great is that your SweepStar can learn the easy-to-use functions of the Hobot so that you won’t even need to flip a switch. With the SweepStar not having to worry about the floors, there will be more time to provide a deeper clean in other areas if need be. 

The Hobot has eight different cleaning modes, including an ECO mode, which saves energy and works quietly. To achieve the best cleaning result, you can assign different Talent clean modes in accordance with the room condition. While you’re relaxing at home and your floors are being taken care of, scroll through the SweepSouth website and be wowed by the long list of reliable cleaning services they provide. From commercial to residential, and even same day cleaning services, there’s a SweepStar near you ready to tackle any given job.

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