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How Simple Is A Dehumidifier to Use - Solenco South Africa

How Simple Is A Dehumidifier to Use

New tech can be a scary thing. We know we need it to help us with a myriad of issues, but does it take an expert mind to set up and manage/maintain? 

We took one of our products, the Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier, and decided we would send it to our content creator and ask her to give us a candid account of setting up her dehumidifier and the maintenance that comes with owning one. 

Below is her story. 

My Dehumidifier Has Arrived! 

Let me give you some background information about me, and why I specifically chose a dehumidifier to try. 

I live in Durban, South Africa. Near the cost, in a nature conservancy. It is humid, so very humid. On top of the rampant humidity, I am astmahtic. Naturally because of the high humidity in the air, mould does become an issue, and I am constantly fearful of it negatively affecting my chest. I also have issues with condensation on my walls, adding to the frightening mould issue. 

The day my dehumidifier arrived, I must take a moment to note the professionalism and quick delivery, I couldn't wait to set it up and note the changes around me. 

Setting Up A Dehumidifier: 

Before opening the box, I thought to myself that this new piece of tech in my home is going to take a lot of steps to set up. I was quickly proved wrong. 

I opened the box, removed the first layer of polystyrene and saw the top of my new home accessory. I was so surprised at how sleek and user friendly the design was.

The size of it is also not cumbersome, it can easily slot into an area in the room you are using it in. It even has a handle, so it can be easily maneuvered.

The manual booklet that comes with it explains everything really well. Simply plug it in, and select the target relative humidity that you are wanting to achieve.

The best part is that it comes with recommendations so you aren’t left wondering how to go about making this decision. Once this has been selected, you can choose what angle you want your louvre to sit and VIOLA! Your dehumidifier starts doing its job.

Emptying the Dehumidifier Water Bucket: 

Initially, when you first set up your dehumidifier, it will work very hard to get your room to the target relative humidity you have set. As a result, the water bucket will fill up quickly and require emptying. 

When the red light came on for me, I was so scared of taking my new precious accessory and pulling it apart. Truthfully, it was so easy. Simply pull the back water bucket out, lift the top half off, and pour out the water.


Put the top half back on and slide it back into place in the back of the dehumidifier. 

So simple. 

Such Simplicity, With All Of The Benefits: 

I have been using the Meaco 12L Low Energy model for almost a month now, and I can say with confidence that it has been a huge help. Instead of sitting at home feeling smothered by the intense humidity, I have felt more at ease with my breathing. On top of that, I have been significantly less sweaty. 

I have noticed that the walls of my office/bedroom are not ‘wet’ as they normally are. Which means that the chances for mould appearing as it once did, is zero. This again makes me smile, as mould and my asthmatic chest do not get on well. 

One thing I have not mentioned is the fact that this dehumidifier also doubles up as an air purifier. The 12L dehumidifier comes with a free HEPA filter in the box which will allow you to clean the air in the area the unit is working. This is especially important as we spend more time in doors and will help create a healthy living and working space. 

This device is a benefit filled addition to any home. I have loved using it, and having it. I have in fact recommended it to a number of my family and friends. 


This low energy using dehumidifier is the perfect fit for all homes, it is easy to use, and comes with a two year parts and labour warranty. 

Get yours today.



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