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Is an Air Purifier safe for birds? - Solenco South Africa

Is an Air Purifier safe for birds?

Are air purifiers safe for parrots?

We were recently asked the question if our Air Purifiers are safe for birds, so we did some research to share with you. 

Many species of birds can live an extremely long time so their health can be delicate especially when it comes to their respiratory systems. In the wild birds are used to fresh air and wide open skies.

It is known that the air in our homes is much more polluted than outdoor air. Birds make great pets but by bringing a bird into your home you expose them to higher levels of particle and airborne chemical pollution. If this is not monitored this can make birds very sick. Common household products such as cleaning supplies and air fresheners can damage their lungs and more dangerous pollutants such as Aspergillus mold, cigarette smoke and other gases can be deadly. 

Many bird owners try their best to keep their birds healthy at home by taking steps to keeping the indoor air clean and safe. These steps include limiting use of harsh cleaning chemicals, use paints and glues with low levels of VOCs and avoid using non-stick Teflon coating to cook. These steps can be very useful but there are some owners who go on step further to ensure the air is clean by actively filtering pollutants out of the air. 

Air Purifiers and Your Bird's Health 

Air Purifiers are perfectly safe to use around your birds and not only are they safe they can help keep your birds healthy and breathing better. The most effective filtration will remove both particle pollutants such as mold as well as chemicals. This is done by using an air purifier that contains both a true HEPA filter as well as a charcoal based activated carbon filter. The Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier has a 3-in-1 filter consisting of a pre-filter, true HEPA filter and a carbon filter. 

Using an air purifier reduces indoor air pollution and makes the air safer for your birds to breathe. 

Air Purifiers can also benefit you and your family by using them in your aviary to remove dander and debris that birds can produce. Some species of birds produce a fine keratin powder that helps to keep their feathers healthy and waterproof, unfortunately for bird lovers this powder can quickly become overwhelming in a home. 

Using an Air Purifier with a true HEPA filter can significantly reduce the bird debris from the air, making your bird room a more pleasant place to spend quality time with your feathered friend and helping to reduce symptoms in those with allergies. 

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