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Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal (Graded)

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The air purifier is fully working, has all parts included and may have minor visible imperfections. The box will have been opened and marks from previous labels may remain on the outer box- 15% DISCOUNT

This Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal helps to create comfortable and healthy air in the home. It features innovative air purifying technology which improves air quality and sleep. With a night light and customisable characters, this purifier ensures the highest quality air for your baby or child, while its low noise design ensures peace and quiet.

  • Designed to clean the air in your baby's nursery or child's bedroom
  • Improves sleep quality for baby and therefore parents 
  • Optional Night Light
  • Four Stage Air Purification System
  • Allergy Foundation of South Africa- Seal of Approval
  • Ideal for a 10m2 Nursery, Bedroom or Playroom
  • White Noise- Sleep Aid
  • Interchangeable characters to customise for some play and fun
  • Very energy efficient, only 45 Watts
  • Very Quiet
  • Replacement filters found here.
  • 6 to 12 month filter life

Air Purifier for your baby

Designed with babies in mind, the Solenco Air Purification Pal will improve your baby’s air quality. Breathing cleaner air has any number of benefits, both immediate, like improved sleep quality, and long-term, like increased life expectancy and reduced chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease later in life. Breathing purified air will also help to protect your baby’s health now by reducing the chance of him or her catching colds and flu, and developing asthma, allergies and hay-fever.

Even the cleanest home can have polluted air – cleaning materials, carpets and upholstered fabrics, pets and nearby traffic can all impact indoor air quality. In fact, indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air and, since indoor air is not circulated as much as outdoor air, many airborne pollutants thrive inside.

Solenco Air Purifiers to protect your baby whilst sleeping

This is where the Solenco Air Purification Pal’s four stage purification system comes into play. It kills bacteria and viruses and traps up to 99.975% of particles, allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, mould spores and pet dander. It also reduces VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which can be 10 times more concentrated indoors compared to outdoors), toxic fumes and odours, ensuring that your little one has an increased chance of developing a healthy respiratory system.

Health benefits aside, with its soft night light and cute interchangeable stickers, compact design and low noise output, the Solenco Air Purification Pal is perfect for your baby’s nursery.

Technical Specifications
For nurseries  10m2 @ 4 air cycles/hour
Noise level 24 – 48 dB (quieter than your electric toothbrush)
Power supply 230V/50Hz (a normal plug-point)
Power consumption 30-45W (minimal impact on your electricity bill)
Replacement Filter Find it here.
Air flow 83m3/hour (ample for an average-sized room)
CADR rating 92m3/hour (53.7cfm) (the clean air delivery rate measures an air purifier’s effectiveness in removing different particle sizes)
Filters 3-in-1: Pre filter, carbon and H13 HEPA (able to kill bacteria and viruses and trap up to 99.975% of particles, allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, mould spores and pet dander)
Filter lifespan 6 – 12 months
UV-C The ultraviolet light helps to kill microorganisms
UV light wavelengths 254 nanometres
UV-C lamp 20,000 hours (4 years @ 12 hours/day)
Dimensions & weight 259mm x 179mm x 265mm; 2.5kg (ultra-light and easy to move)
Fan Speed Four
Sleep mode Yes
Warranty 24 Months
Timer 2/4/8-hour


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