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A review of the Meaco Fan by 5FM DJ Sureshnie Rieder - Solenco South Africa

A review of the Meaco Fan by 5FM DJ Sureshnie Rieder

This is what Sureshnie Rieder from 5FM had to say about the MeacoFAN 1056 Air Circulator

Thank you Solenco for sending me something sooo 'cool' to unbox.

If you're currently in Johannesburg, you will appreciate how Melting hot it is. It is uncomfortable and trying to sleep in this heat is just pure torture.

So we have been on the hunt for air coolers for the room as we have the usual standard ceiling fan. It was just pure perfect timing that the team from Solenco gifted me one of their award winning Meaco Air circulators to try out. BEST EVER!

It's called the Meaco Air Circulator and let me tell you honestly, I'm a fan of this FAN.
It is Modern, Clever, Quiet and just stunning to look at. It comes with a remote control (such a bonus) because that means you don't have to be pulling on a chains in the middle of the night without trampling your husband in the process. ( I have a story;)
It looks like it has been engineered according to the most stylish of standards and it is very quiet.

If you're a new parent, trust me this would be fantastic for a nursery because of its gentle hum that won't wake baby.
If you're looking to add a modern touch to your bedroom or just looking for something aesthetically pleasing in every way...I highly recommend this Meaco fan from Solenco.

Apart from the gorgeous aesthetics, this air circulator does the job and can I add that you will be mesmerized by it's clever oscillations. The fan doesn't just sit standard on a side table..oh nooo, this Meaco Air circulator is fancy with all of its rotations.
So Imagine a spotlight mechanism from a grand launch..that is exactly what the Meaco does. It rotates beautifully and cools down a room very efficiently with several speeds as well as an eco speed.
There are different sizes, so please chat to the Solenco team to advise on a size that suits you.
For this particular unboxing, we were lucky to receive the largest one, which has a plug point and not a USB.
So with load shedding currently on in our part of the world, the other model with USB could be connected to a battery bank or even your laptop.

It is a beautiful product to have. In the few days that it has been home, there's been a tough negotiation with Pavani and I on who should rightfully have it in their room;)

I think it is an office, boutique hotel, nursery, bedroom, home MUST HAVE! It will make a stunning House Warming or Christmas Prezzie!!!

Thank you sooo much the team at Solenco for this gorgeous gift!
You can find all the prices and specs on
and you can chat to Bianca Fourie for more details 

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