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8 Ways an Evaporative Cooler will Benefit You - Solenco South Africa

8 Ways an Evaporative Cooler will Benefit You

8 Ways an Evaporative Cooler will Benefit You

Although evaporative cooling remains one of the older forms of climate control which exists today, it also happens to be one of the most beneficial. It offers a variety of advantages over traditional air conditioners, all of which will keep more money in your pocket and less pollutants in the air.

Benefit #1: Eco-friendly

Refrigerated cooling not only causes the air to become dry, but it also uses different chemicals during operation, some of which make their way into the environment, and even damage the atmosphere.

Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, is based completely on natural processes (in this case, air being cooled by water).

This means that the air being released from the system is going to be far safer for the environment, since no foreign chemicals are going to be released from it.

It also means that the air being released from a portable evaporative cooler won't dry out the air in your home, or cause your eyes or throat to become irritated.

Evaporative cooler benefits means that you can keep the doors and windows in your home open, without worrying about losing air flow.

The air released from these systems is never re-circulated, and will replace stale air with fresh hour, hundreds of times per hour.

Benefit #2: Inexpensive to Install

The cost associated with installing an evaporative cooler is very inexpensive compared to the cost associated with installing a regular air conditioner, simply because units such as the Symphony Evaporative Air Coolers do not require any kind of installation – it’s plug-and-play! The Symphony Evaporative Air Coolers are completely portable and can be moved around to where you need it!

Benefit #3: Minimal Operation Costs

One of the best evaporative air cooler benefits that you'll find is that dramatic decrease in operational costs that you'll be required to pay. Since these systems only require enough electricity to power their pumps and fan units, you'll end up paying around far less in operational costs each month. Regular air conditioners require a lot of electricity, mainly because they need to power many different parts, including air blowers, pumps, and compressors.

Benefit #4: Easy to Maintain

Evaporative coolers aren't complex in design. Their two main parts include the water pump and the fan motor, both of which can be replaced quite inexpensively if they go bad.


  • Evaporative cooler parts aren't complicated or costly, which can be important if the system ever breaks.
  • At most, you should plan on having your evaporative cooler serviced about twice per year.
  • Granted, this number can be more or less depending on how frequently you use it.
  • Replacing the honeycomb cooling pads when required.
  • All of these maintenance steps are straightforward, and will take little time out of your day.

Benefit #5: Fresher Air

Fresh air is one of the primary evaporative cooler benefits that you will be able to experience.

There's no doubt that a high volumetric and consistent air flow rate through your home will be able to help eliminate airborne pathogens:

  • When the age of the air in your home is younger, the chances are lessened that you'll breathe in stagnant air that has had more time to build up in bacterial or fungal concentration.
  • Evaporative cooling helps increasing humidity, which, when you live in a dry climate, will help you breathe better.
  • What a lot of people don't know is that the pad in evaporative coolers also serve as an effective filter (as long as they are properly maintained and cleaned), which can help catch airborne contaminants before they can make their way into your lungs.
  • They can even help remove urban contaminants from the air, regardless of how dry the weather is. These contaminants tend to be quite abundant in dryer climates.

Overall, with fresher air, one can expect to feel healthier.

Benefit #6: Low CO2 Emissions

CO2, also referred to as "Carbon Dioxide" releases a collection of gases that can have a negative effect on the environment as well as on people.

Evaporative coolers release hardly any carbon dioxide, while air conditioners have been known to release these emissions in relatively large numbers.

So now only will you be helping the environment by producing less of these emissions, you'll inadvertently be helping yourself as well.

Benefit #7: Add Moisture to the Air

If you understand how evaporative coolers work, you know that they help increase the amount of moisture in the air. For people who live in dryer climates, this can become exceptionally helpful. One of the primary drawbacks of air conditioners is that they actually remove moisture from the air. Removing moisture from the air can make it difficult to breathe, and even cause your skin to become dry and crack.

Benefit #8: Allows for Open Doors and Windows

Amongst the other evaporative air cooler benefits that you should know is that you can leave your windows and doors open while the system is on.

Unlike air conditioners, which require you to keep windows and doors closed in order to maintain cold airflow, evaporative coolers provide you with more flexibility by allowing you to keep everything open.

This ability to open up your home makes evaporative coolers an ideal option since they won't make you feel "trapped".

An added benefit to this is that since you're able to open up your windows, it's less likely that the air in your home is going to become stagnant.

And as you might have already guessed, air that's less stagnant is safer to breathe in.

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