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Air Purifier or Dehumidifier for Mould? - Solenco South Africa

Air Purifier or Dehumidifier for Mould?

Though mould and fungus are helpful as decomposers in the environment, we don't really need their decomposition superpowers in our houses.

Mould can ruin your home's structure, as well as its carpet and woodwork. It can also be the cause of a wide range of respiratory problems and allergies.

Enter dehumidifiers and air purifiers: two of the most effective technologies in battling mould in the house.

Despite having two distinct purposes, they are both capable of combating mould in their own unique ways.

So, which is the superior option? We’re going to take a closer look at these two home essentials and set your minds at ease.

Air purifiers

According to recent studies, air purifiers can help reduce the number of mould spores in the air, but they can't completely remove mould. This is due to the fact that mould will develop anywhere there is adequate moisture, and air purifiers do nothing in the way of removing moisture in the air, but rather, filter toxins from the air.

They also:

  • Capture particles that trigger allergies, such as spores and pollen, and prevent them from being breathed.
  • Trap pet urine and dander particles, which helps to eradicate smells and irritants.
  • Require less regular maintenance than dehumidifiers.


Dehumidifiers don't get rid of mould, but they do get rid of the circumstances that encourage it to flourish.

Mould thrives in humid conditions and thrives at temperatures ranging from 15 to 25°C, which is typically the temperature range in which most people maintain their houses. By eliminating extra moisture from the air, the mould won't be able to develop and spread since it won't have the moisture it needs to thrive.

Dehumidifiers, however, do not destroy mould.

While mould will be unable to develop in the absence of moisture, it will not die; rather, it will enter a dormant condition in which it will not spread but will stay alive.

In other words, the only method to be certain you’ve eradicated mould is to physically remove it from the surface it's growing on.

So, all in all, we’ve gathered that:

  • Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, which can aid mould and dust mite populations.
  • Dehumidifiers may make an interior area a lot more comfortable to be in by eliminating humidity from the air, especially in places where the summers are extremely humid.

Which one is better though?

At face value, it might seem that a dehumidifier is the obvious choice since it can remove the source of mould, which is humidity. And for an air purifier to be effective, mould must already be present.

But while dehumidifiers may be slightly better for dealing with mould by getting rid of the humidity it needs to grow, air purifiers are also useful for preventing allergic reactions to mould spores. 

Overall, if you have a mould problem at home, both of these two machines in tandem will make the most difference. If you want to get rid of mould as soon as possible, we recommend using both devices at the same time.

There are a variety of air purifiers and dehumidifiers available at a variety of rates, so no matter what your circumstance or budget is, you should be able to find at least one that meets your demands.

Our recommendations

We’ve got a couple of suggestions we think will be perfect for your home and make your life a whole lot easier. Breathe a little deeper with our favourite picks below.

Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA filter

You could not find an air purifier more perfect for you and your needs. This purifier includes:

  • Pre-Filter which removes large airborne particles
  • Multistage Air Cleaner to prevent allergies, relieve asthma & improves sleep
  • UV-C light & PCO which is a powerful air purification technology used to destroy particles, viruses, and bacteria as small as 0,001 micron
  • Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter which captures 99.98% of harmful particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and traps bacteria & viruses down to 0.1 micron in size
  • Activated Carbon filter which ​​removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours and other gaseous pollutants from the air
  • Sleek sensor touch controls
  • Filter with 6 to 12 month life span & change indicator
  • Night Mode
  • Two year parts and labour warranty

When it comes to dehumidifiers, they exist in such a vast range of sizes and types, it's understandable that it might be tricky to choose the one that makes your heart light up. 

But you don’t have to worry. We have an exciting array of options to choose from in deciding upon the right dehumidifier for you.

Once you've made your decision, pop in to our store today and take a step towards better health and a happier home! 

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