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Benefits of UV light Air Purifiers - Solenco South Africa

Benefits of UV light Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers with a UV-C Light

Air Purifiers with a UV-C light are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light to inactive airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mould, bacteria and viruses. The ultimate goal of all Air Purifiers is to reduce indoor air pollutants.

Air Purifiers with only a UV-C light are not as effective as those with a fitted HEPA filter. The units with only a UV-C lamp cannot trap or remove particles. This is where the HEPA filter comes into play. 

The way Air Purifiers with an UV-C lamp works is quite simple. The UV lamps are designed to alter the DNA of microorganisms and inactivate or destroy them. The lamps in the Solenco Air Purifiers are not visible to the human eye. 

Solenco Air Purifiers

The Solenco range of Air Purifiers are a combination of Filters and UV-C lamp, this results in the UV light of the air purifier acting together with the filters to clean the air. Ambient, in house air is forced through the unit and ventilated through a chamber with bulbs emitting light within the UV-C frequency. 

The Solenco CF8500 and CF8608 Air Purifier systems offer extremely high air filtration efficiency capturing to 99.97% of particles including allergens, pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander. 

Multi-stage Filtration System

This is done by means of an advanced multi-stage cleaning system consisting of:

Pre Filter - removes large airborne particles

True HEPA filter - removes particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns - smaller than the eye can see)

UV-C Lamp 

Carbon Filter - removes smells and odours 

The UV-C lamp life in the Solenco units range from 10 000 - 20 000 hours before they need replacing.

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