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MeacoDry ABC 10L Compressor Dehumidifier Review by Geeknoids - Solenco South Africa

MeacoDry ABC 10L Compressor Dehumidifier Review by Geeknoids

MeacoDry ABC 10L Compressor Dehumidifier Review

The new MeacoDry 'ABC' range offers the multi-award winning Meaco brand of dehumidifiers at an unbeatable entry level price. Featuring the latest low-noise and energy saving technology the 10 litre MeacoDry ‘ABC’ is the quietest compressor dehumidifiers from Meaco, making it the most effective and practical dehumidifying solution for the home. This is a compressor dehumidifier meaning you have low running costs, and when you see how quiet these dehumidifiers are you have a near perfect solution for dehumidifying in the home.

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Christel van Vuuren - February 1, 2021

Does the Maeco 10lL/ 12L have a auto start after power failure?

Charlotte Schilke - February 1, 2021

I have a meacoDryABC – 20l

It runs but does not collect any water. Please can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

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