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Dehumidifier : The Benefits - Solenco South Africa

Dehumidifier : The Benefits

The current Covid-19 crises has, for many people, made them more aware of the possible dangers to their health found in even their own homes. Those who suffer from allergic reactions such as asthma and sinus issues are looking to alleviate their symptoms. In this article, we will touch on how Dehumidifiers can assist those with conditions such as asthma and nasal congestion, as well as those looking to keep their homes clean and free of elements that aggravates their allergies such as mould and dust mites.


What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is an appliance that focuses on removing moisture from the air. This could be in your home or office. It is like a really clever vacuum cleaner, that breathes in air, removes all the moisture, and then breathes dry air out again. The dehumidifier, in drying the air, prevents mould from spreading and producing spores, and dust mites from breeding. Both of which can cause allergies such as asthma and nasal congestion. Drying the air can be done in two ways. Either through refrigerant drying or desiccant drying(absorption/adsorption).


What exactly is humidity?

Humidity is the measure of the amount of water vapour in the air. For places that experience high temperatures, the air around you can home more water vapour.


Dehumidifier Health Benefits:

Dehumidifiers help reduce allergy symptoms such as:

  • wheezing
  • sneezing
  • chest pain
  • eye irritation
  • itching

Common allergy triggers include:

  • mold
  • dust mites
  • pollen
  • animal dander

Dust mites, a common allergy aggressor, that affects those with asthma and sinus issues (nasal congestion), requires a humidity percentage of 65 in order to multiply and survive. This can easily be managed with the addition of a dehumidifier. Mould is also addressed with a dehumidifier by reducing the humidity to below 60% which is the level which they need to spawn and continue to spread.


Dehumidifiers Assisting With Asthma:

Those who suffer with asthma know the difficulties they experience when they are in an area where the air is ‘heavy’ and hard to breathe in. Air that is saturated with moisture is heavier, and as a result those with asthma find it harder to breathe. An experiment done testing the hypothesis; ‘Bronchoconstriction Triggered by Breathing Hot Humid Air in Patients with Asthma’, concludes that air that is hot and humid, triggers a response. The addition of a dehumidifier into this environment suggests that removing the humidity out of the air will reduce the chance for bronchial asthma. As a result of this ‘dryer’ environment, other contributing factors to asthma attack triggers such as mould and dust mites are also controlled.


Dehumidifiers For The Home:

We have an amazing range of dehumidifiers that are perfect for your home. A number of our dehumidifiers including the Meaco Low Energy models and the Solenco UD30L come with the added benefit of an air purification function so it cleans the air with a true HEPA filter whilst removing the moisture- you are getting two units for the price of one. These units bear the Allergy Foundation of South Africa's Seal of Approval due to their effectiveness in removing airborne allergens.

See our full range here

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