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Do you need to clean your air purifier? - Solenco South Africa

Do you need to clean your air purifier?

Yes, you do need to clean your air purifier. Air purifiers work hard to keep the air in your home and workplace free of allergens and pollutants, so you need to keep the filters clean if you want your air purifier to work efficiently.

The good news is they’re pretty easy to clean.

Keepin' it Breezy

To ensure your air purifier is working like a dream you should remember to routinely clean your filters. Some air purifier filters are washable, and some are disposable. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual to correctly care for your device.

The Solenco CF8500 and CF8608 Air Purifiers come equipped with pre-filters. This filter traps large particles such as pet hair. You can easily clean your pre-filter, and it should be cleaned at least once a month, depending on the season or what is going on in the room. Simply remove them and rinse with warm water to clean them. If your pre-filter becomes particularly dirty, you can clean it with a bit of washing powder for the CF8500 because it is made of fabric, while the pre-filter for the CF8608 is made of plastic and can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid. Please thoroughly rinse the filters as soap residue can restrict air flow, and only replace the filters in your purifier once they are completely dry.

The Solenco Air Purification Pal is a compact and efficient air purifier that is equipped with a 3-in-1 filter: a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter to remove smells, odours and SO2; and a Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter which captures up to 99,975% of particles that are 0.1 microns in diameter. The combination filter is not washable and should be disposed of after six to twelve months, depending on your environment. This also applies to the combination filters in the CF8500 and CF8608, which also include an antiviral filter that kills bacteria and viruses. You can extend the life of the combination filter by cleaning it with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Every three months, place the HEPA with the antiviral filter and the activated carbon filters in direct sunlight to remove any moisture.

In the CF8500, CF8608 and Solenco Air Purification Pal, you will know when you need to change your filters because the Reset Filter light will turn on. This shouldn’t be mistaken for the air quality sensor. 

Air Quality sensor: PM 2.5 Indicator

The Solenco CF8500 and CF8608 air purifiers come with an Air Quality Sensor, or fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) indicator. This indicator alerts you to the quality of the air in the room, not the quality of the air filters in the device. Some indoor sources of PM 2.5 include tobacco smoke, fumes caused by cooking (frying, sautéing, and broiling), burning candles or oil lamps, and fireplaces.

In the CF8500 and CF8608, the PM 2.5 indicator shows you the air quality by changing colour: blue means the air is excellent, yellow is good, orange is fair, and red means the air quality is poor. When it changes colour, it means that the air purifier has detected impurities in the air and is filtering them. Once the air purifier has managed to cycle through the air in the room a few times, it will once again be blue in colour, which means it has effectively purified the air in the room.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about how the Solenco Air Purification Pal, CF8500 Air Purifier and CF8608 Smart Air Purifier can help to remove allergens and pollutants and refresh the air in your home and workplace.

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