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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Hobot LEGEE D7 - The Jack of all Trades - Solenco South Africa

Hobot LEGEE D7 - The Jack of all Trades

The idea of my house being magically cleaned by a team of Hobots as I catch up on some beauty sleep sounds like a fairy tale. Something that is too good to be true but it is in fact a reality, and not magic but rather technology that is accessible to everyone.

The versatile Hobot LEGEE D7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is the way of the future. Its intuitive technology allows for it to effortlessly navigate your home and discern between different types of terrain, adjusting to clean on both hard floors and carpets at the same time.

D7 Features

One of the aspects that sets the D7 apart from other robot vacuums is its tangless suction port, which is positioned at the front of the device. The tangless suction port makes a big difference to the cleaning performance of the D7 as it sucks up hair and debris before it reaches the roller. By doing so, it allows the brush roller to focus on cleaning the surface more thoroughly, and you don’t have to spend so much time removing hair from the roller. A huge plus if you’re a pet owner.

The D7, like the Hobot LEGEE 7 before it, also comes with four jets that spray solution. It has a mopping pad in the rear which applies a 600g Mopping Force on the surface to remove any marks or stains, but as soon as it moves onto a carpeted area the rear mop lifts itself up by 6mm so as to not wet your carpets. This Auto Recognition Cleaning ability means it can clean both hard floors and carpets at the same time. The D7 also uses this ability to raise itself up while docked, allowing the mopping pads to properly aerate and dry so that they do not smell.

The caterpillar tracks allow the D7 to move up to 2cm over obstacles. Which means it can climb over carpets, rugs and floor trims which would have previously prevented the robot vacuum from accessing a room or section of a room.

Houses have many corners, and the thoughtfully designed D-shape enables the D7 to fit well into the corners so that the tilted side brushes, which extend up to 4cm from the device, can reach into narrow spaces and sweep along the wall’s edges. The brushes are tilted to allow for a scoop action, while the rubber scraper helps to loosen dust and debris from the brush.

Once powered, the D7 has an operating time of two hours and a recharge time of around four to six hours. As soon as the D7’s battery is low, it will go straight back to the charging station to recharge. It will also calculate how much charging time is required for it to head back out and complete the remaining tasks.

How does it work?

Mapping and navigation are done via the LEGEE Smart Navigation system. The Hobot can effectively navigate around your house due to the five different technologies that it is equipped with: Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass, and Position Estimation.

The D7 can store up to 5 maps. The first time the D7 is used, it will establish a map of your home. Going around the edges to establish the floorplan. In every subsequent clean, the maps are updated. You can edit the maps and set virtual barriers so that the D7 knows to avoid areas where there are curtains or delicate pieces you want the D7 to avoid.

Additionally, the LEGEE D7 app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, gives you dynamic control so you can tackle various types of mess in different rooms in your house with ease. The app also notifies you of when to empty the dustbin or fill the water tank.

To get the most out of your Hobot D7, you can choose from seven specialised cleaning modes and one customisable mode to achieve the best cleaning results based on the room’s condition:

  1. Standard Mode
  2. Tangless Mode
  3. Stain Mode
  4. Dry Sweep Mode
  5. Power Suction Mode
  6. Eco Mode
  7. Deep Cleaning Mode
  8. Customised
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