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Evaporative air coolers, as the name suggests, use the chemical process of evaporation to cool down hot air. To understand this, imagine a sweaty sensation on a hot summer’s day. The feeling is stifling until you stand in front of a fan, when its breeze evaporates the perspiration, leaving your body cool and dry.

This works because heat energy is lost during the chemical conversion of liquid (perspiration) into water vapour.

Evaporative cooling works similarly.

Most evaporative coolers have three core components: a fan, a pump system to circulate water, and a cooling medium that absorbs and retains water. 

Honeycomb cooling pads are commonly used in portable evaporative coolers. Water circulates through the cooler and saturates the honeycomb pads. The fan draws incoming warm air through the pads, where evaporation converts water into water vapour and blows out colder air on the other side. 

Whether you're in the middle of a heatwave or live in a hot dry climate, then
evaporative cooling can be just the solution to help you cool down!

Let's look at 5 advantages of using this cooling method:

1. Energy efficiency means lower running costs. Evaporative air coolers
use up to 80% less energy than traditional refrigerant cooling systems.

2. Fresh air is always better than sitting in a closed-up space. With
evaporative air coolers doors and windows are left open. So it doesn’t matter
if your children keep leaving the door open!

3. You can use your evaporative cooler indoors and outdoors on hot
days. This way you can keep cool while braaing! Who wouldn't want to braai
their meat in comfort?

4. In hot and dry climates evaporative air coolers add moisture to the air.

5. The wet filter pads also filter the air, making this a great cooling method
for allergy and sinus sufferers.

The Symphony Diet 8i

A stylish and functional portable air cooler with remote control and LCD display - perfect in bedrooms, living rooms and offices during warmer months

Cool flow dispenser channelized water distribution for superior cooling combined with powerful air throw auto swing louvers for superior cooling delivering fresh filtered cool air
Large 8Ltr tank capacity giving uninterrupted whisper silent night long cooling complete with a separate ice chamber

Advanced 5 stage air purification system to ensure you breathe clean, healthy fresh air regardless of the weather. The 5 filters are designed to remove microscopic allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mould and bacteria

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