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Humidifiers: The Secret To Being a Better Plant Parent - Solenco South Africa

Humidifiers: The Secret To Being a Better Plant Parent

Do you feel your heart racing, on the verge of breaking out in a cold sweat when someone brings you a beautiful fern or delicate orchid? The pressure of keeping plants like these alive can do that to a person. 

If you're having problems growing plants inside, it's possible that the fault doesn’t lie with you, but rather the level of humidity.

During the winter months, when the heat is turned up and the humidity is low, this problem can be very obvious. It’s during this time when your skin may crack and dry, and your window plants may begin to wilt and turn from bright green to brown. 

The good news is this doesn’t have to be the narrative anymore. Purchasing a good humidifier for your house is one of the simplest methods to solve your plant-baby problems.

What is a humidifier? 

Simply put, a humidifier adds moisture to your home. A wicking filter is used in most humidifiers to collect water from a basin. A fan then blows through the wet filter, releasing an either warm or cool mist. This doesn’t, however, apply to all humidifiers, as not all of them make use of replaceable filter systems. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers, such as the Meaco Deluxe 202 Ultrasonic Humidifier and Air Purifier, use sound vibrations to create a quiet mist in the air as opposed to a filter and fan. The cold vapour increases humidity in your house without raising the temperature or putting you at risk of burns from hot mist. 

What makes ultrasonic humidifiers especially great, is that they adjust their water-vapor output to match the humidity level in your house. In doing their bit in releasing extra moisture into the air, your plants will thrive and your mood will be better for it – as studies on indoor plants have shown that they increase attention and productivity, lower stress, and lift our spirits on top of removing pollutants from the air. 

It's important to remember that an excess amount of humidity in the home may be damaging to both your family and your plants. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase a device called a hygrometer, which is used for checking the humidity levels in your home. 

How can a humidifier help with plants?

Many indoor plants can’t flourish in most houses because of the air being too dry. This leaves you with the option of either growing arid tolerant plants like succulents or raising the humidity level in your home. But if you are wanting to grow plants of all types, then purchasing a humidifier is a no-brainer.

During the summer, depending on your location, you may not need to run your humidifier as regularly. During the dry winter months, however, it is essential to use your humidifier almost every day, especially in any area in the house with humidity-loving plants. Consider positioning your humidifier above your plants, possibly on a small table or shelf, rather than directly on the floor, to prevent mould accumulation. Make sure your humidifier is at least 1 to 2 meters away from your plants if you choose to have it on the floor.

Plants can benefit from being grouped together because moisture produced by one plant can be caught up by another. Plants require sufficient air circulation in addition to humidity to avoid illness. Try to allow each of your plants enough space to breathe so that none of their leaves touch.

Let us take care of your plant babies 

Our ultrasonic humidifier is no exception to our reputation as one of the best brands on the market for creating humidifiers at a reasonable price. Its sleek, simple design and silent operation make it virtually invisible in any space. This machine features a 5.3L water tank and a powerful mist production, making it ideal for bigger rooms in your house. It also comes with an aroma diffuser to create a refreshing scent in your home. 

This humidifier not only promises to keep the air humid but also ensures that the humidified air you breathe is clean by sterilisation through an ultraviolet lamp, prior to humidification. The addition of a HEPA filter further helps rid the air of impurities by retaining 97.3% of particles 0.3 micro-metres in diameter. And you never need to worry about limescale build up because our design includes a limescale filter that softens hard water before humidification. 

Because we are so confident in the quality of this product, it also comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty, which can be extended up to 5 years if you purchase through our website! 

That’s not all though. We also offer an evaporative humidifier that does just as great a job in keeping your plants’ hearts still beating and cleaning your air! 

Purchase your humidifier today and take a step towards better health for both yourself and your plants. 

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