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Introducing A biodegradable cell phone case - Solenco South Africa

Introducing A biodegradable cell phone case

Solenco is proud to introduce a new collection to the Solenco Family. 

Wilma Cell Phone Covers

Wilam's origin is making fashionable mobile cases. With their new collection "Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution", they combine this origin of Wilma with a sustainable approach to production and choice of materials. 

They create fashionable cases from biodegradable materials, making this the logical choice for smartphone users. 

A biodegradable cell phone case 

Wilma has created a collection using biodegradable materials, capable of breaking down into carbon dioxide and water without leaving any toxic residue behind. 

The raw material in our case have been certified biodegradable by European Standard EN 13432

New Collection - Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution 

The world's oceans cover more than two thirds of the globe. Let's do our best to help it thrive and unleash the absolute magic of its nature and wildlife by using products that end up in the sea damaging the ecosystem. Wilma SOPP cases are made from a blend of PLA and PBAT materials that will compost away leaving no harmful plastic residues. 

Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution collection is inspired by just that, the Ocean From waves to turtles and living corals. With shades of blue and deep colours, dream away to the deep blue sea and golden beaches. 

View this beautiful range here. 

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