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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Keep your Child (and dehumidifier) safe! - Solenco South Africa

Keep your Child (and dehumidifier) safe!

What is it about an appliance with a light and buttons that attracts those little fingers. Especially now as all our kids are home bound due to lockdown. 

Anyone who has children, or perhaps is the caretaker of someone’s child, knows that it takes a lot of self-discipline for a child not to press a button on any device! And seeing as many children (and some adults!) lack self-discipline, the concept of the “Child Lock” was born.

For some parents, it is a must-have feature on most devices. Yes, I believe that all parents have the safety aspect in mind when reading and asking about “Child Locks”, but for most part, I’m sure it is more to retain our sanity! Admit it. Few things are more annoying than a car window being wound up and down…and up and down…and up…need I say more? The same applies for other forms of technology – including dehumidifiers!

A Dehumidifier with a Child Lock

Not only is the child lock on your Meaco models and the Solenco UD30L useful for stopping children from playing with your dehumidifier, but according to Chris Michael from Meaco, it is also useful in public spaces like museums and stately homes to prevent the public from pressing a button as they walk past a machine (like some do in the Toy aisle!).

“Child Locks on our dehumidifiers prevent any of the controls from working and stops anyone from turning the dehumidifier off,” says Chris. “Some other brands leave it so that the dehumidifier can be turned off when the Child Lock is on, I have never understood the logic behind that.”

Meaco dehumidifiers with Child Locks

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