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Saving you money in the long run - Solenco South Africa

Saving you money in the long run

As prices soar and inflation reaches record highs, we are all trying our best to cut costs in all aspects of our lives.

By paying a little extra for high-quality, energy efficient appliances, you can actually save quite a lot of money in the long run. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, more than 40% of the energy consumed in the USA is used for operating buildings, and most of that energy goes toward appliances and building-related equipment.

Choosing energy-efficient appliances will not only save you money, but it will also reduce the demand for fossil fuels, resulting in lower levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That’s a great thing.

We’re proud stockists of Meaco products, including the MeacoDry ABC range of dehumidifiers, the MeacoDry Arete One range, a range of low energy dehumidifiers and air purifiers that come in 10L, 12L, 20L, and 25L capacities, and the Meaco fans. The manufacturers of Meaco have invested hours and hours into research and development to refine the energy consumption of their products.

They conducted a short study in April 2022 to see how their products matched up with the competitors, and they were very pleased with the results.

This inspired us to do a spot of comparison ourselves, and we’re very happy with what it has revealed. We compared the energy consumption of the MeacoDry ABC 12L, the MeacoDry Arete One 12L, and one of our competitor’s dehumidifiers*.

Our Results

The MeacoDry ABC 12L and MeacoDry Arete One 12L both cost approximately 42 cents per hour to run, based on R2.56 per kWh. The Arete fairs somewhat better when it comes to power consumption. At 30°C with an 80% RH, it operates at 198 watts while extracting 12.2 litres of water per day, while the ABC operates at 222 watts and extracts 12.66 litres per day. All this results in an operational cost of R10.14 per 24-hour day, R3,700.22 per year, and R18,501.12 over a five-year period for both models.

The Meaco dehumidifiers also have Smart Humidity Control, which means the units will target a set humidity level. Once it has achieved the set humidity, it will turn off but continue to monitor the humidity levels. If the humidity rises, the unit will turn back on. This standby mode is a great energy-saving tool to keep your electricity costs down.

So how do we stack up against our competitor? Our competitor’s dehumidifier costs approximately 51 cents per hour to run, which is 9 cents more per hour. At 30 °C with an 80% RH, it operates at 222 watts and extracts 12 litres per day. This all amounts to operational costs of R12.29 per day, R4,485.12 per year, and R22,425.60 over a five-year period.

So, when compared to the competitor, the Meaco ABC and Arete will save you approximately R3,924.48 over a five-year period. That is quite a saving that you can get from choosing your appliances wisely.

A bit more about the Meaco products

The MeacoDry ABC 12L Compressor Dehumidifier is appropriate for a three-bedroom house that is moderately damp. It is capable of removing 12.66 litres of water a day at 30 °C and 80% RH. It is fitted with a 2.6 litre tank but also has an option for continuous drainage so that you don’t have to empty the water tank every couple of hours. The ABC comes with a two year parts and labour warranty, with an option of extending the warranty to five years.

MeacoDry Arete® One 12L has the added bonus of being a low-energy dehumidifier and air purifier. It includes a dust filter as well as an optionally installable HEPA filter, so it not only removes moisture from the air but also cleans it of pollutants and impurities.

The 12L Arete is best suited to flats, apartments, single rooms, and smaller properties up to three-bedrooms in size. It can remove 12.2 litres of water a day at 30 °C and 80% RH. Its onboard water tank can handle 2.6 litres of water, and it is also able to offer continuous drainage if you attach a hose. The Arete comes with a 5-year parts and labour warranty.

*The competitor’s information has been pulled from their rating label and online information.

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