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Seasonal Changes: Which products should you be using? - Solenco South Africa

Seasonal Changes: Which products should you be using?

Doesn’t everyone enjoy a good change in season? While this may be true for some, your body might not necessarily be on the same page. 

The sweltering heat has given way to breezy air, and while we can't wait to snuggle up in warm blankets and sip hot chocolate as winter approaches, our health may be singing a different song. What exactly do we mean? Well, as nice as a change in season may be on the surface, it carries with it a slew of health risks, so it's crucial to pay attention when a new change of season comes around. 

A lot lies in our hands too, and that’s why they say that prevention is better than cure.

As we move through autumn and into winter, plenty of rain and cool conditions are prevalent all across the country. And as some of you may know very well, these conditions give rise to a myriad of health issues when it comes to allergies and asthma. 

Luckily, there are ways to combat these issues. Let’s have a look at the conditions we can expect this upcoming winter and how our technology might save you. 

It’s not just about the cold 

Dry air 

I’m sure you know someone who could fund ‘Sinutab’ all on their own when autumn hits and winter starts rearing its head. And there’s a reason your friend can do this. It’s because of the presence of our less liked friend: dry air. 

Dry air makes life very difficult for thousands across South Africa. Besides a huge spike in revenue for Sinutab, there really is very little good that comes with the dry air we experience every autumn and winter. Not only do our sinuses act up, but for many, their respiratory airways begin to close, making it harder to breathe. Those with asthma might know very well what we’re talking about. All of this – on top of a sore throat and dry skin. 

Did we mention how much we love dry air? 

If you want to prevent the fight for your life you experience every winter, a humidifier is the way to go. This is the perfect way to maintain good, moist air in your home, making it easier for you to breathe during the change of season. 

Excess moisture 

Another reason Sinutab is winning this winter. 

No, but seriously. If you live in the Western Cape, you might be catching on here. 

This is the area of our country that welcomes rainfall in the winter seasons, causing a large increase in moisture in the air. This might seem nice at first, but let’s not forget that excess moisture increases the likelihood of mould in the house. For those that live in the Western Cape, we’re sorry. 

However, we can help. A dehumidifier is the best way to combat the sinus congestion and sneezing that mould brings with it. It does this by removing excess moisture that makes its appearance in cooler months, preventing damp and mould and keeping your sinuses happy. 

Poor ventilation 

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries, all year round. If you want to find beauty outside, it doesn’t matter when you go – you will find it. 

Even in winter. 

But who wants to go out in winter? Not us. 

Because we’re sure you’re spending as much time indoors as we are this winter, it’s important for you to know that there is a high chance you’ll have low ventilation in your home. 

What does this mean? Well, you’ll likely see an increase in dust, pet dander and harmful particles floating around your house, happily tucking themselves in at night with you. Although you might turn to medication and antihistamines to keep your nose under control, there’s an alternative solution we feel might do you one better. 

Prevent your home from turning into a warehouse for all things dust, pet hair and harmful air particles by investing in an air purifier! 

Put the Sinutab down. We have so many options for you to choose from during this change of season that can do wonders for your health. Pop in to our online store and go wild! 

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