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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Solenco unveils the HOBOT LEGEE D8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station: The ultimate duo in smart home cleaning - Solenco South Africa

Solenco unveils the HOBOT LEGEE D8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station: The ultimate duo in smart home cleaning

Johannesburg, 31 July — Solenco, a leading importer of award-winning lifestyle and air treatment technology today announced the launch of HOBOT’s latest Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, The LEGEE D8 and its 4-in-1 Cleaning Station the LEGEE-Lulu.

This smart home cleaning duo is set to redefine the standards of smart cleaning technology, offering a level of convenience and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry.
For South African’s that are after a hands-and hassle-free cleaning experience, the LEGEE D8 offers eight cleaning modes, tackling everything from stains to removing hair and lint through its patented tangles suction, to quieter and lower suction cleaning in Eco mode. It also automatically recognises the flooring material and will switch cleaning modes in real-time, effortlessly moving from hard
floors to carpet and back again, making it perfect for homes with multiple types of flooring.
The LEGEE range is known for its LEGEE™ SLAM Navigation system, integrating five different technologies to plan the best cleaning route and identify new obstacles as it works. Its unique D-shape design and side-brush ensures a thorough clean on edges, in corners, and underneath cabinets, curtains and couch skirts.
The LEGEE D8 includes a new 5X ECO Compactor™ feature, a mini trash truck that automatically minimises trash occupancy, conserving up to five times the capacity, which means less time and effort spent emptying the dustbin.

The LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station is a new addition to the LEGEE range, designed for high-efficiency washing and quick drying, while refilling and recharging the LEGEE D8 in one go - making it that much more energy efficient. The station also features an instant drain system, eliminating
messy sediment and reducing manual maintenance.

"The LEGEE D8 and LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station are designed to work in harmony, providing an unparalleled cleaning experience"; said Trevor Brewer, Director at Solenco. "Our goal is to make smart home cleaning for busy South Africans as effortless, and energy efficient as possible, and these two products are a testament to that commitment."

Easy to control and app-managed, this smart robotic vacuum cleaner will map, navigate, and clean your home, combining vacuuming, mopping, spraying, and sweeping. Its reciprocating mop cleans like an actual person, combining factors like the amount of water sprayed, moving speed, and wiping frequency. With Creative Voice Technology, you can make the LEGEE D8 talk like an actual person too.
"We believe the LEGEE D8 and LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station will provide the hands-free, contactless experience that South Africans are looking for, to transform the way they clean their homes, and ultimately save them time.”

The Hobot Legee D8 Robotic Vacuum is available for purchase at R11499, and the Hobot Legee Lulu Cleaning Station at R6499 from Shoppers also have the option to split their purchase in up to 3 interest and fee free instalments when purchasing through
The products are also available at Yuppiechef instore or online at

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