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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Struggling with swelling doors? - Solenco South Africa

Struggling with swelling doors?

When the internal doors in your home start swelling and you battle to close them can be very frustrating with most homes having at least 5 or more doors this problem can quickly get out of hand, of the problem causing the swelling is not resolved. Here a few reasons why your internal doors swell and some solutions

Humidity caused by seasonal change is a biggie!

It’s common for your doors to swell and get sticky in summer as the humidity levels increase outside. As wood is a natural substance, it absorbs excess moisture in the air and this is what causes the doors to swell which results in the doors scraping along the floor or the frame making it difficult to open and close.

Heavy rainfall period

Also if there is a heavy rainfall period, this extra moisture in the air can also be absorbed. Depending on where you live this problem could affect you all year round.

Damp issues in your home

Home can suffer from damp or condensation build up which is caused by many things. Poor insulation, drying your laundry inside, not enough ventilation in rooms, steam from showers or rising damp problems. These issues can have a knock on effect causing mildew build up, musty smell and the swelling of doors.

A dehumidifier is a sensible investment to control excess moisture in your home.

Dehumidifiers combat mould, damp by removing excess moisture in the air, they also assist with drying laundry and keep valuables from rusting.
Some units are 2-in-1 units and double up as purifiers so cleaning the air while they remove the moisture.

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Lameez - September 25, 2019

Love your post,thank you

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