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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
The New Stylies Alaze Humidifier - Solenco South Africa

The New Stylies Alaze Humidifier

Solenco would like to introduce our latest product and the latest air quality product, the international award winning Stylies Alaze Humidifier.

Evaporative Humidifier 

The Stylies ALAZE humidifier has a technology called "evaporation" where the water in the tank of the appliance passes through an antibacterial filter and is then diffused into the air by means of a fan. In this way, living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms can be humidified with very little energy consumption and very little noise. This humidifier adds humidity to the air through an evaporative mat. 

The big advantage of an evaporator is that the humidity level is reached automatically, and over-humidification is not possible because saturated air cannot absorb more water.

Effective and Energy Efficient 

The Stylies Alaze Humidifier won the DtGV Seal of Approval due to its ability to humidify very effectively – this is a test that is done on humidifiers and dehumidifiers by the German Society for Consumer Studies. They go into detail to examine which appliances are best suited to reach the comfort zone.  

The Stylies Alaze humidifier sets a new standard for evaporative humidifiers. With only one filter cassette, the Stylies Alaze almost achieves the same performance of a much larger 2 cassette humidifier. This is thanks to the new patented DAST technology - Direct Air Stream Technology

DAST technology uses at least 30% less electricity compared to common evaporative humidifier systems.

Practical Humidifier 

The Stylies Alaze offers several options that make it a very practical humidifier.

Because it has been designed to make your life easier, the humidifier has a luminous indicator that allows you to know in real time if the humidification of your indoor air is sufficient:

  • Green: the humidity level is optimal
  • Orange: the humidity level is insufficient and the air is dry
  • Red: the water tank is empty - top-fill system means you don't have to unplug it and carry it around to top up the water. 
  • its water tank is dishwasher safe 

This humidifier was designed by a Swiss designer to be used in all rooms like bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Its various functions and control panel make it extremely easy and simple to use.


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