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The sorry state of air pollution from Eskom’s coal-fired power stations

In October 2018, an analysis and study of Eskom’s own air pollution monitoring reports, commissioned by the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) and undertaken by Dr. Ranajit (Ron) Sahu, a USA-based consultant in the field of environmental, mechanical and chemical engineering, revealed the sorry state of Eskom’s atmospheric emissions – with some 3200 exceedances of its atmospheric emission licence limits in a 21-month period.
The analysis was presented in the form of a report to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), provincial and municipal licensing authorities, and Eskom, and follows an earlier study of Eskom’s annual emission reports conducted by Prof. Eugene Cairncross, emeritus professor of chemical engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
EE Publishers’ investigative editor Chris Yelland spoke to Dr. Sahu, Prof. Cairncross and lawyer Robyn Hugo, head of the CER’s pollution and climate change programme, to find out more about the issues.



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