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Understanding the Generations of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in South Africa - Solenco South Africa

Understanding the Generations of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in South Africa

Robotic vacuum cleaners have significantly evolved over the years, with each generation introducing new technologies and functionalities. Understanding these generational differences is key to making an informed decision when purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner. This article will explore the generational technology shifts and explain the pricing of various models available in South Africa.

Generational Differences and Pricing

Generation 1 and 2: Basic Functionality

  • Characteristics: Early models with basic navigation and limited AI. Primarily focused on simple suction and mopping capabilities.
  • Pricing: Prices range from R3,000 to R6,500 for basic models, such as the Bennett Read Alphabot Max (R4,899) and the Xiaomi E10 (R4,299)​.

Generation 3: Intermediate Technology

  • Characteristics: Improved navigation with basic AI, better obstacle detection, and enhanced mapping capabilities.
  • Pricing: Intermediate models, such as the Xiaomi S10 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner (R5,999), fall within this category​.

Generation 4: Advanced Features

  • Characteristics: Advanced navigation and AI, with multi-floor mapping, voice control, and improved mopping functionality.
  • Pricing: Higher-end models like the Hobot Legee D7 (R9,999) and the Hobot Legee 7 (R9,999) are examples of this generation​.

Generation 5: Cutting-edge Technology

  • Characteristics: Top-tier models with sophisticated AI, camera-based navigation, and advanced object recognition. Often include features like automatic emptying and refilling of mopping water.
  • Pricing: Premium models such as the Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI range between R27,000 and R29,000, representing the pinnacle of current robotic vacuum technology​. 

Why Are Later Generations More Expensive?

  • Advanced Mapping and Navigation: Later generations utilize sophisticated navigation systems, including camera-based and AI-enhanced mapping.
  • Intelligent Object Recognition: Features like AI-based recognition and avoidance of obstacles are prominent in higher-end models.
  • Enhanced Cleaning and Mopping Systems: Improved mopping systems and automatic refilling features are hallmarks of these advanced models.
  • Convenience Features: Premium models offer greater convenience with features like automatic emptying stations and multi-floor mapping.


The evolution of robotic vacuum cleaners from basic to advanced models signifies the technological advancements made over the years. Each generational leap brings enhanced features and capabilities, justifying the price differences seen in the South African market. By understanding these differences, consumers can choose a model that best fits their needs and budget.

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