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Why A Humidifier Is A Must-Have For Your Baby - Solenco South Africa

Why A Humidifier Is A Must-Have For Your Baby

Parenting is sometimes fraught with uncertainty and stress, especially when it comes to answering a series of questions surrounding your baby's health and well-being.

Humidifier for your baby

What does a humidifier do for a baby, for example? Is it dangerous or healthy? If so, at what age may you begin to use them?

As a parent, you must be able to make decisions that favourably influence your child's health without having to consult a lot of contradictory sources.

That’s where we come in. 

We want to save you time and energy and answer all your questions in just a matter of minutes. 

Keep reading to find out why purchasing one of our humidifiers might be the best decision you make for your little one today. 

What is the function?  

A good place to start when considering this question is understanding what humidity actually is – which is the level of water vapour that is present in the air. 

A humidifier comes in to increase the amount of moisture in the air in order to reduce irritation caused by dryness. 

Most rooms should house between 40-50% humidity which generally, is not the case. As a result, a humidifier is a must-have in each room, regardless of the season. 

What does it do for babies? 

Having a humidifier in the nursery gives protection against dry air, which is one of its greatest advantages. Especially in the winter, when your heating system depletes the air of its natural moisture.

Sore throats, sinusitis, and stuffy noses are all symptoms of dry, harsh air. When it comes to congestion, babies are considerably more prone to infections and illnesses. A humidifier can prevent all this by increasing the amount of moisture in the air and subsequently helping your child breathe easier and loosening mucus. 

If your baby suffers from irritated and chapped skin, eczema, or any other skin diseases, an air humidifier can relieve irritation and turn your child’s skin soft and smooth.

There is also an added plus-side to using a humidifier in a nursery: the white noise it creates! 

By making a rhythmic, soothing hum, it imitates the noises your baby heard whilst in the confines of mom’s tummy. This, together with blocking out the sound of your neighbour’s dogs and traffic down the road, soothes your baby into a calm sleep.

Types of humidifiers

Warm mist and cold mist humidifiers are the two major varieties. Consider the following facts while choosing the right unit for your property.

Warm Mist Humidifiers:

Warm mist humidifiers are recommended because the unique air they generate destroys germs and viruses. It also helps your baby breathe easier thanks to reduced mucus build-up and opening up of the airways. 

Cool Mist Humidifiers:

This specific humidifier lacks any sort of heating element, and so as the name suggests, the air it generates is either cool or room temperature. Cool mist humidifiers are also often prescribed by doctors in cases of croup amongst children. 

What we can offer you

humidifier for baby

Meaco Deluxe 202 

This is a brand new addition to our 2021 family! What makes this machine so special is that it functions as a 4-in-1 unit – operating as an ultrasonic humidifier, air purifier, aroma diffuser, and releases both warm and cool mist! 

There are a number of additional features that are sure to push this device to the top of your purchase list: 

  • Combined HEPA and Charcoal filter with up to 6 months lifespan
  • Ultraviolet (UV) lamp to clean the water before humidification
  • Hard water filter to prevent limescale build up
  • Suitable for rooms up to 65m²
  • 17-hour run time
  • 100% recyclable packaging!


humidifier for baby

Stylies Alaize Humidifier

 Boasting just 3.5 Watts, this is an award-winning humidifier that does wonders in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the home at not nearly the same price as other humidifiers. 

What else does it have to offer? 

  • DAST Technology - Humidification Capacity up to 280g/hour
  • Low Energy (3.5 W)
  • Suitable for rooms up to 40m2 or 110m3
  • Integrated Hygrostat for setting the desired humidity levels
  • Antibacterial Filter Set
  • Two Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Option of extending warranty to five years

Call off the search 

Don’t spend time worrying about whether there’s a humidifier out there that would be a good fit for your home. At Solenco, we have everything you’re looking for. 

By popping one of our humidifiers in your little one's room, not only are you helping them sleep more soundly, but also striving for overall improvement of their health and wellbeing.

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