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Why Use Energy Efficient Appliances? - Solenco South Africa

Why Use Energy Efficient Appliances?

Is it really as simple as switching out a light bulb to help battle climate change? Granted, combating global warming and increasing sea levels is clearly more difficult than just switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs. However, energy efficiency is a critical—yet underappreciated—tool for reducing pollution and waste.

You may be surprised to learn that households are one of the primary contributors to damaging greenhouse gas emissions today. Although daunting, this gives us the perfect opportunity to make the most of today's technology and science through the use of energy-efficient equipment to cut carbon emissions.

Energy-efficient appliances are necessary for households to save money and energy, preserve the environment, and improve lives. In fact, the more energy-efficient household equipment you use, the cheaper your power costs will be whilst simultaneously helping to preserve the environment from hazardous pollutants like carbon dioxide.

Going green doesn’t solely benefit you, but also your country, and the whole planet. 

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are not synonymous, yet they both aim to mitigate energy use. Here's the distinction: 

People who practice energy conservation reduce their energy use by turning off lights, driving less, and using equipment less frequently. Energy efficiency involves the use of technology to avoid or decrease energy waste, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures of switching on the lights, driving, or washing your clothing while using less energy. It all boils down to better energy management.

But like, why? 

Hear us out. 

Why not, if you get to keep your wallet happy (which honestly, is a rarity) and the environment?

Being energy efficient takes a load off the earth’s shoulders by lowering the amount of energy needed for a particular activity. It can aid in the reduction of air and water pollution as a result of certain forms of energy generation, as well as the avoidance of negative consequences for vital ecosystems. It can also help to ease the strain on the power grid.

If we haven’t got you convinced yet, here are three different advantages to installing energy-efficient appliances in your house: 

Saving water

Everyone is reliant on water to survive. It should also be your obligation to save water. Keeping water clean and safe is vital for future generations. One of the best things you can do to help minimize your water and electricity expenses in the coming years is to use household equipment that consumes less water and energy.

Energy-efficient equipment such as dryers, washers, refrigerators, freezers, air purifiers, and so on may not only help save money on your energy costs as well as your water bill, but they can also help you complete your home duties more quickly while also protecting natural resources.

Reducing your carbon footprint 

Efficiency in energy use is a fantastic method to lower your carbon impact. In fact, studies have found that households alone account for a large portion of national greenhouse gas emissions, and installing energy efficiency measures in your home may dramatically reduce your contribution to emissions. By investing in more efficient energy usage, the average home may lower its energy use (and hence its greenhouse gas emissions) by 25 to 30%. 

Saving wildlife, marine life, and plant life

Whenever we have to go mining and drilling for natural resources to power our devices, we inadvertently harm animal, marine, and plant life. Animals and ecosystems are constantly endangered as a result of obtaining resources for energy production. Oil spills have also wreaked havoc on marine life and our oceans.

Energy-efficient appliances are your friend

With the number of households producing air pollution and other dangerous substances on the rise, using energy-efficient appliances is one of the most effective strategies to combat climate change. It’s the easiest method to protect Mother Earth for future generations, and there’s the added benefit of saving money! 

Ultimately, you should do what’s right for you, but when searching for the right energy-efficient appliances for your home, begin with our Solenco Low Energy products! 

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