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Why You Need A Dehumidifier In Winter - Solenco South Africa

Why You Need A Dehumidifier In Winter

Everyone knows how the story goes: winter comes around and the first thing we do is turn up the heat. Every room in our home has to feel like we’re on a beach in the Maldives. Winter must only be a figment of our imagination. 

Why you need a dehumidifier in winter

But almost always, we seem to forget one small, but very important detail: air quality

The problem during winter is that we become willing to trade our health in for comfort. Most homes are built to keep warm air in and cold air out. In theory, this is great. 

However, what this means is that air impurities are free to quite literally make themselves at home as no fresh air from the outside gets in. With no escape and an opportunity to thrive in moisture, these impurities begin rapidly accumulating. 

The result?

Dust mites, allergens, mould, and many more contaminants begin taking over your home and negatively affecting your health. 

What is humidity?

Simply put, humidity is the amount of water vapour present in the air. Anything from showering, drying laundry, cooking and leaks in the home can cause the water vapour levels to rise. 

Data suggests that a household of four people will produce approximately 14 litres of water a day! All of this moisture has to go somewhere.

If the air in your home is a little too humid, you may be able to spot it through these telltale signs: 

  • Mouldy black spots on your walls and ceilings
  • Water stains on your walls due to condensation 
  • Furniture, carpeting, and bedding that feels damp to the touch 

Excess humidity can lead to a multitude of health complications, such as asthma, allergies, eczema, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, and sinus congestion. But beyond that, it has adverse effects on your finances as well, as your electricity costs will inevitably increase in the winter months. 

Ever wondered why your electricity bill is so much higher in winter? 

Well, because winter sees us insulating our offices and homes and locking ourselves in, the humidity inside increases dramatically as ventilation is largely minimised. 

This humid air carries a greater volume of water than dry air, so a lot more energy is required to heat it. In other words, the more humid your home, the more money you spend on heating it up. 

What if we told you we could both save you money and give you the best chance of staying healthy this winter? 

How, you ask?

Meaco dehumidifiers. 

What makes us different

By lowering the water vapour content in your home, our dehumidifiers will help you lock in warmth and comfort in a shorter amount of time and save you tons of money, whilst simultaneously removing all moisture and air impurities, allowing you to breathe easy this winter.

Whether you’re a family of five, living alone, or even an employer with an office to take care of, we have a wide variety of options to choose from in deciding upon the right dehumidifier for you. 

But to help you get started, here are two of our favourite options: 

Choosing the right dehumidifier for you

The MeacoDry ABC Range 10L Compressor Dehumidifier is our most cost-effective dehumidifier that fulfills all your home dehumidifying needs at an unbeatable price of R3,499. 

This model has many amazing features: 

  • It’s ultra quiet making it the perfect bedroom dehumidifier 
  • It’s energy efficient using just 26c/hour based on R1.46/kWh
  • It removes 10L of moisture a day at 30°C and 80%rh 
  • Has a 2.6L water tank with option of continuous drainage 
  • Comes with child lock, a timer, and dries laundry 
  • Perfect for a slightly damp 2 bedroom house 

If you’re looking for a near silent dehumidifier that will save you plenty of money, this is the one you want.  

Choosing the right dehumidifier for you

Our Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier is a multi-award winning solution for those in a 3-5 bedroom house struggling with mould, condensation and damp conditions. 

This model:

  • Removes 20L of moisture a day at 30°C and 80%rh
  • Uses just 37c/hour based on R1,46/kWh making it extremely energy efficient
  • Comes with a free HEPA filter that helps purify the air 
  • Has a 6L water tank with the option of continuous drainage 
  • Is perfect for a moderately damp 5 bedroom house 

Over and above drying laundry, child lock and a timer, this model also has a front loading water tank, two fan speeds, a variable humidistat, and a digital display – All for an incredible price of R6,999! 

Forming part of our Platinum Range of Meaco dehumidifiers, this is a significant cost-efficient option that does wonders in dehumidifying your home or office. 

Make the right choice

No matter your space, our dehumidifiers are guaranteed to save you from compromising on the things that matter most to you. Keep the health and comfort of yourself, your family and co-workers in good stead this winter by investing in a Solenco product today. Don’t just take us at our word. Come and see for yourself. You won’t be sorry. 

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