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Winterisation Guide: Preparing Your Caravan or Boat for the Cold Season - Solenco South Africa

Winterisation Guide: Preparing Your Caravan or Boat for the Cold Season

As the mercury descends with the onset of winter, it's pivotal to get your caravan or boat prepped for hibernation ensuring they're in prime nick for the ensuing warmer tides. Adequate winterisation thwarts damage from frost, moisture, and other potential snags. In this guide, we'll navigate you through the steps to winterise your caravan or boat for secure keep.

Clean and Inspect:

Kick-off by giving your caravan or boat a good scrub. Expunge any dirt, grime, or salt residue from every nook and cranny. Inspect the entire unit for any tell-tale signs of damage like leaks, cracks, or general wear and tear.

Drain Water Systems:

A cardinal step in winterisation is to drain all water systems to avert freezing and subsequent damage. This encompasses the freshwater and wastewater tanks, plumbing, and water lines. Employ compressed air to expel any lingering water from the lines and tanks.

Protect the Engine:

If your boat or caravan is motorised, it's imperative to shield the engine through the cold stretch. For boats, perhaps have the engine winterised by a professional. For motorised caravans, ensure a change of oil, filters, and other vital fluids.

Fuel and Fuel Systems:

Prior to stashing, top up the fuel tanks to fend off condensation and introduce a fuel stabiliser to maintain the fuel's freshness. Run the engine for a spell to ensure the stabiliser courses through the system.

Disconnect Batteries:

Unhook the batteries or, for caravans, remove them altogether and stash them in a cool, dry abode. If the batteries remain in situ, consider employing a trickle charger to keep them juiced up during the hiatus.

Protect the Exterior:

Clean the exterior of your caravan or boat thoroughly and apply a coat of wax to concoct a moisture-repelling barrier. Seal any vents and openings to bar pests from infiltrating.

Tyres and Suspension:

If your caravan is to remain static for a long stretch, think about using tyre chocks to prevent flat spots from cropping up. Inflate the tyres to the suggested pressure and shroud them to ward off the sun.

Remove Valuables:

Extract any valuables or delicate items from your caravan or boat to avert theft or damage. This includes electronics, fishing gear, and personal items.


Ensure there's ample ventilation in the storage locale to thwart moisture accumulation and mould. Consider employing a dehumidifier within your caravan or boat, especially in notably humid areas.

Cover or Store Indoors:

Ideally, tuck your caravan or boat indoors as it offers superior protection. If indoor storage is off the cards, invest in a breathable, high-quality cover tailored for your specific model. Ensure the cover is snug and won’t flutter in the breeze.

Meticulously prepping your caravan or boat for winter storage is essential to retain their tip-top condition, primed for your escapades as the clime warms. Adhering to these steps will safeguard your investment, paving the way for a hassle-free spring reawakening for your cherished recreational vehicle or watercraft. Never skimp on winterisation - the elbow grease you invest now will yield dividends in the long run.

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