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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦

Hobot Legee D7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop (Graded Unit)

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Current price R 7,999.00

The robot vacuum is fully working, has all parts included and comes as 'new'. The box will have been opened and marks from previous labels may remain on the outer box- 20% Discount

  • Auto Recognition Cleaning - Cleans on both hard floors and carpets at the same time
  • Tangless 4 in 1 Hassle Free All Terrain Cleaning
  • Smart Lifting Mop - Lift mop 6mm up when vacuuming carpets
  • Ability to climb 20mm over obstacles
  • 600g Mopping Force to give your floors a scrubbed look
  • 2 hours of operating time

Looking for a versatile and powerful robot mop/vacuum to help keep your home clean? Look no further than the Hobot Legee D7! This unique machine is designed for both hard floors and carpets, and comes with a front suction mouth and deep-cleaning brushroll to quickly grab hair, dirt, and debris. The temperature-sensed spraying system releases a moderate amount of water for wet-mopping without any water residues, while the rear mopping pad applies 600g of force against the floor to remove stubborn stains. Plus, the Legee App allows you to tackle various types of messes in different rooms in your house with ease. So why wait? Get the Hobot Legee D7

Tangeless Suction 4 in 1- 2700pa Powerful Vacuuming

The new Tangless Suction 4-in-1 allows LEGEE to vacuum with the front suction, sweep with the deep-cleaning brushroll, spray water, and mop with 600g force—all at the same time! The tilted side brush effortlessly cleans everything on its way. Dust and dirt has no way to hide!

  1. 2700Pa Tangeless Suction 
  2. Deep Cleaning Brushroll
  3. 6mm Smart Lifting Mop
  4. 600g Mopping Force

Auto Recognition Mopping (ARM)

  1. Climbs like a boss when detecting obstacles
  2. Wet and Mop your hard floors only and keep your carpets dry

AI Smart Spray

4 Spraying Nozzles- Our smart water spray design equips with a temperature sensor that allows LEGEE to spray a thin layer of water (0.002mm) to dissolve the stains and dirt but not so much to leave water stains behind

Deep Cleaning Brushroll

Our unique brushroll with deep-cleaning power can pull in all types of debris and hair on carpets and floors.

Smart Lifting Mop

The smart lifting mop can rise up 6mm above ground. No more shying away from carpets and floor trims!

Full Map Positioning

LEGEE knows your home. LEGEE is able to know its location by recognising and matching the surroundings with the existing map, anywhere, anytime.

LEGEE SLAM Navigation

LEGEE (Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass, and Position Estimation) is our unique navigation system integrating 5 different technologies to help LEGEE to plan the best cleaning route.


Available for iOS and Android devices, the LEGEE-D7 App brings delightful floor-cleaning experiences to you with its highly customizable functions and helps keeping your LEGEE firmware up-to-date with the OTA technology.

Get more out of LEGEE with the following smart mapping features:

  1. In-depth Planning
  2. Clean in your Order
  3. Room Divider
  4. Room Specific Talent Clean
  5. Schedule Queue
  6. 5x Map Memory

Talent Clean- 8 Cleaning Modes

  1. Standard Mode- Simply the Best
  2. Power Suction Mode- Nothing Escapes
  3. Tangless Mode- The Hair Remover
  4. Eco Mode- Go Green
  5. Stain Mode- Our Stain Removal Hack
  6. Deep Cleaning Mode- Enjoy a Premium Clean
  7. Dry Sweep Mode- Stay Dry and Clean
  8. Customised- You the Boss
 Technical Specifications
Model No. LEGEE-D7
Cleaning Method Tangless Suction 4-in-1
Navigation Technology LEGEE SLAM 7.0
Mopping Force 600g
Mopping Cloth Size 270 cm^2
Vacuum Power 2700 Pa
Vacuum Motor Nidec BLDC Motor
Talent Clean 8 Modes
Hair Suction Tangless Suction
Smart Lifting Mop 6 mm
Auto Recognition Mopping (ARM) Yes
Side Brush Tilted-Shake Side Brush
Obstacle Climbing Ability 20 mm
Cliff Sensor 4 Sensors
Lidar Head Hit Sensor Yes
AI Smart Spray 4 Nozzles
Optimised Cleaning Coverage (Cleaning Route) 4.4 meter × 4.4 meter Optimize Coast First then SCAN
Full Map Positioning & Mop Go Home Yes
Smart Recharge and Resume Yes
Child Lock Yes
WiFi (Easy Link Connection) 5Ghz Wi-Fi/2.4Ghz Wi-Fi/Hotspot
App iOS/Android Multi-Language
Quick Login Facebook, Apple, Google
Schedule Queue, Cleaning Diary Yes
Firmware OTA Yes
In-depth Planning Virtual Barrier/Virtual Box/Curtain Zone/ Climbing Control
Auto Room Divider Yes
Map Memory 5 Maps
Voice Prompt Multi-Language
Voice OTA Yes
Creative Voice Yes
Do Not Disturb Mode Yes
Voice Control Siri/ OK Google
Water Tank Capacity 320 ml
Trash Bin Capacity 500 ml
High Efficiency Filter Washable
 Li-ion Battery Rated Capacity: 4500mAh Cell Capacity: 4900mAh
Clean Area Per Charge 240 sq Meter
Device Size (L × W × H) 340 × 339 × 97.5 mm

User Manual

Quick Guide


Environmentally Friendly

3 Trees planted for every order

Up to 5 Year Warranty

2 - 5 Year parts & labour warranty

30-Day Guarantee

Return the item within 30 days

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