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MeacoFan Sefte® 10" Pedestal Pro Fan

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Discover the MeacoFan Sefte® 10" Pedestal Pro Fan, the ultimate cooling solution tailored for the South African climate. Merging quiet operation with versatile functionality, it ensures your comfort is uninterrupted, even during load shedding. Experience a new level of adaptability and efficiency with this elegantly designed, UK-engineered pedestal fan.

  • Adaptable Cooling: Adjustable height and oscillation angles provide a tailored cooling experience for every part of your room.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: At 24 to 48dB, the fan offers a peaceful environment, perfect for both relaxation and concentration.
  • Optional Load Shedding Resilience: With up to 43 hours of battery life as an optional extra, it provides reliable cooling during power outages.
  • Elegant and Practical Design: The sleek, UK-designed structure with hidden cables adds sophistication to your space.
  • Smart and User-Friendly Features: Includes a raised display, eco mode, night mode, and smart device connectivity for ease of use.
  • Durable and Reliable: Backed by a 3-year warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.

Introduce a breath of fresh air into your environment with the MeacoFan Sefte® 10" Pedestal Pro – a masterpiece of British design, now reimagined for the unique cooling needs of South Africa. This pedestal fan redefines personalised comfort, offering a silent, energy-efficient, and adaptable cooling solution, especially vital during load shedding periods.

Adaptable Comfort for Every Corner: The MeacoFan Sefte® 10" Pedestal Pro is a paragon of versatility. Its adjustable height and oscillation options allow you to tailor your cooling experience, whether you're seeking a gentle breeze across the room or focused airflow for targeted relief. With adjustable swing angles of 65° vertically and 120° horizontally, it ensures optimal comfort in every part of your space.

Whisper-Quiet Operation for Peaceful Environments: Enjoy the sound of silence coupled with powerful cooling. Operating at a barely audible 24 to 48dB, the fan's advanced energy-efficient brushless motor ensures a quiet ambiance while minimising energy consumption, perfect for both home and office settings in today's eco-conscious world.

Resilience During Load Shedding: Specifically designed with South African households in mind, the optional extended battery feature of the MeacoFan Sefte® 10" Pedestal Pro offers up to 43 hours of uninterrupted operation, making it an indispensable ally during load shedding. Its blend of portability and endurance ensures that you stay cool and comfortable, no matter the circumstances.

Elegance Meets Innovation: Merging sleek design with practicality, this UK-designed pedestal fan is a testament to sophistication. The hidden cable design complements its modern aesthetics, while user-friendly features like the raised display for easy operation, eco mode for energy saving, and night mode for undisturbed sleep add to its allure. Smart device connectivity, along with a glow-in-the-dark remote, provides convenience at your fingertips. Backed by a 3-year warranty, it's a blend of style, functionality, and durability.

Technical Specifications
Product name MeacoFan Sefte® 10" Pedestal Pro
User Manual Download here
Cost per hour based on R2.56/kWh  R0.01 per hour
Oscillation swing angles 65° vertical, 120° horizontal
Noise level (dBA) 24 to 48dB
Power consumption (watts) 7 to 26 watts
Battery Life up to 43 hours
Weight (kgs) 5.5
Dimensions (HWD) (mm) 591-1098 x 340 x 340 mm
Maximum airflow 19m³/min
Fan motor type Brushless Motor
Cable length (metres) 1.6
Boxed weight (kgs) 8.2
Boxed dimensions (HWD) (mm) 615 x 375 x 375
Environmentally Friendly

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