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Hizero F500 Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner | Your Easy Cleaning Companion

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Discover the Hizero F500 Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner, a pinnacle of effortless, efficient, and ergonomic floor cleaning technology.

  • Cordless design for less effort and time spent on cleaning.
  • AirDry Technology leaves minimal water, ensuring floors are dry quickly.
  • Easy maintenance with accessible rollers and solid waste container.
  • Effortless care with a supplied cleaning tool for the brush roller.
  • Smart Interface with built-in LEDs and simple two-button operation.
  • Wide cleaning width with a 280mm polymer roller for quicker cleaning.

Unveiling a New Era of Floor Cleaning

Introducing the Hizero F500 Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner, a blend of innovation and efficiency tailored for modern homes. This cleaner is cordless, offering less hassle and more freedom as you tidy up. Unlike traditional mops, the F500 employs AirDry Technology to leave minimal water, ensuring your floors are not only clean but dry in a short span.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

The F500 is built for easy maintenance; all servicing can be done from the top of the unit, providing easy access to the rollers and the solid waste container. It embodies effortless care with a Hair Cleaning Tool to clean the brush roller in one swift motion. The U-shaped waste container is easily removable and just as easy to clean.

Operation Simplified

Operation is a breeze with the F500’s Smart Interface. Built-in LEDs and a simple two-button operation make managing this cleaner straightforward. The wide 280mm polymer roller facilitates quicker cleaning, covering more floor area in less time. With the Hizero F500 Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner, maintaining a pristine home is more accessible and less time-consuming.

Technical Specifications
Cleaning Technology Hizero UltimateClean™ Technology
Cleaning Roller Material Polymer
Realtime Self-Cleaning Yes
Deep Self-Cleaning Yes
Solid-Liquid Dual Processing Yes
Voltage 18.25V
Power 38W
Adapter Input 100-240v~50/60Hz 0.6A
Adapter Output 24V DC 1.0A
Cleaning Roller RPM 90rpm
Battery Capacity 2150mAh
Clean Water Volume 500ml
Dirty Water Volume 500ml
Net Weight 4.1kg
Runtime >60 Minutes
Noise <60dB in all modes
Colour White
Charging Direct Plugging
Cleaning Solution Hizero Hard Floor Cleaning Solution
Motor Aerospace Brushless Motor
Dimensions 300*225*1200mm
Packaging Dimensions 935*380*190mm
Packaging Weight 8.65kg


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