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HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot

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Smart Navigation System HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot is like having an extra pair of hands to help you clean. It’s an award-winning robot vacuum cleaner, designed with the latest smart navigation system to make your life easier. Experience a hassle-free deep clean in no time and get back to the things that matter.

  • App Control for both Android and Apple
  • Wins Silver in 2021 A’ Design Awards
  • BEST BUY Winner - Fairlady 2022 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  • Runner Up - Best
  • Consumer Tech of 2021 - Home
  • Scrubs hard floors up to 900 times/ minute
  • Voice Control with Google and Siri
  • 7 Specialised Cleaning Modes to achieve the best cleaning results
  • Intelligent Space - memorise up to 5 maps
  • Room Specific Talent Clean Set Up
  • Smart Recharge and Resume
  • Two Year Warranty

Introducing the HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot: Your Smart Floor Cleaning Solution

Are you tired of spending hours cleaning your floors? Do you want a smart, efficient, and hassle-free way to keep your floors clean? Look no further than the HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot. With its advanced features and innovative technology, the LEGEE 7 is the ultimate floor cleaning solution for your home or office.

Control Your Cleaning with the HOBOT LEGEE App

The HOBOT LEGEE App puts you in control of your cleaning experience. With dynamic control, scheduler, and real-time map with Map Memory, Room Divider, and Virtual Barrier, you can customise your cleaning to suit your needs. The signature feature of the LEGEE App is its "Talent Clean" function, which includes 7 specialised cleaning modes and 1 customised mode to meet your unique cleaning needs. Let's explore these cleaning modes in more detail:

  • Standard Mode: The perfect fit for any generic use.
  • Stain Mode: Can clean common spills, splashes, and stains.
  • Polish Mode: Brings back the bright and shine of your floors.
  • Dry Mode: Ideal for cleaning hardwood floors.
  • Strong Mode: Perfect for deep cleaning.
  • ECO Mode: Helps save energy and works quietly.
  • Pet Mode: Cleans hair and paw-prints efficiently.
  • Customized: Feel free to adjust the parameters to suit your special need.

Map Your Way to a Cleaner Home

The LEGEE 7 can memorise up to 5 maps, making it easy to use on multiple floors or in different houses. The App automatically defines the rooms, and you can adjust them with the merge or split function. The LEGEE 7 also features Virtual Barrier and Virtual-box functions, so you can control restricted zones on the map to keep the robot away from delicate items when cleaning.

Real-Time Monitoring and More

The App's High Accuracy Real-Time Map and Schedule Queue allow you to monitor the robot's progress and schedule cleaning plans. LEGEE's voice prompt updates you on its progress, and you can even personalise the voice and expression to fit your style. The Cleaning Diary lets you track and share information from the past 10 cleaning tasks. Plus, the Smart Recharge & Resume feature ensures that the LEGEE 7 always has enough power to finish the job.

Powerful 4 in 1 Cleaning Performance

The LEGEE 7 boasts a powerful cleaning system, including 4x Cliff Sensors, 4x AI Smart Spray, 2700 Pa Vacuum, 1800g mopping force, 900 times per minute mopping speed, and a Fluid Mechanics Suction Head- 2700Pa Vacuum. The 2700Pa vacuum collects large objects and fine ash, while the 1800g mopping force and scrubbing speed imitates human behaviour to remove stubborn dust and stains. The washable screen filter and high-efficiency filter ensure that only clean and fresh air escapes.

Suitable for Different Floorings

The LEGEE 7 is suitable for different hard floorings, including tile, wooden, laminate, marble, glass, and epoxy. Its 4 cliff sensors protect the robot and help it move and turn in narrow spaces. The App even sends reminders when it's time to empty the dustbin, fill the water tank, or perform other maintenance tasks.

Upgrade Your Cleaning with the HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot

The HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot is the ultimate cleaning solution for your floors. With its advanced features and innovative technology, you can customise your cleaning experience and achieve a cleaner home or office. Upgrade your cleaning game today and try the LEGEE

Technical Specifications
Brand Hobot



Cleaning Method

FastBrush 4 in 1: Vacuum, Dry Mopping, Spray Water, Wet Mopping

Cleaning area per charge

240 m2 (Maximum cleaning area based on cleaning modes)

What's in the box? 1x Hobot 7
1x AC adapter
1x Water bottle
1x Microfibre cleaning cloth
1x Spray Nozzles pack
1x Charging Station
1x User Manual
1x Side brushes
1x High efficiency filter
1x Waterproof mat

Moving speed


Navigation Technology


Brush speed

Max. 900 times/min.

Mopping force


AI smart spray Water supply control

4 Spray nozzles to spray water more evenly

Trash capacity

500 ml

Trash filter

400# Screen Filter + 

High Efficiency Filter

Water tank



Li-ion 4500mAh

Vacuum Motor

Nidec 22N-1 brushless DC motor 2700pa

Definition of objects

Lidar + Bumper

Cliff Sensor

2 Front IR sensors + 2 Rear IR sensors

Optimized Cleaning Coverage

Divide the area to 4.4x4.4 m2 and proceed Wall- Follow Cleaning and then Zigzag Cleaning accordingly, enhancing 30% cleaning efficiency


Smart recharge & resume

Noise Level

63 dB at 1m



Wi-Fi (GHz)


Firmware OTA


Voice prompt


Voice control

Apple/ Google

Real time map


Virtual barrier, 

Virtual box


Auto room divider


Map memory

5 Maps

Cleaning diary


Schedule queue

Yes- Each divided rooms can be cleaned with different Talent Clean modes separately.

Dimension (LWH)

340x 339x 100 mm

Input Voltage

100~240V, 50~60Hz

Adapter Output


  1. What is the difference between the Hobot Legee 669, 668 and the new Legee 7?
    1. You can find the comparison between all three units here

Download the User Manual here

Environmentally Friendly

3 Trees planted for every order

Up to 5 Year Warranty

2 - 5 Year parts & labour warranty

30-Day Guarantee

Return the item within 30 days

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