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Hobot Legee Lulu- Charging and Cleaning Station for Legee D8

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Introducing the Hobot Legee Lulu Washing Station - a revolutionary 4-in-1 cleaning and charging solution designed specifically for the Hobot Legee D8. This compact station is packed with advanced features to provide an effortless and efficient cleaning experience.

  • CNC ContourWash™ Technology: Ensures precise, thorough, and spill-free cleaning with dual petite silicon roller brushes.
  • Dual Roller Brushes & Motors: Provides complete and efficient mop cleaning.
  • InstantDrain™ System: Eliminates messy sediment and maintenance with an innovative waste water management system.
  • Auto-Refill & Battery Recharge: Keeps your Hobot Legee D8 always ready with automatic water refilling and battery recharging.
  • Quick Dry Feature: Ensures quick, energy-efficient, and even drying with a 40℃ direct blow.
  • Large Water Tanks: Includes a 3.2L clean water tank and a 2.8L waste water tank.

Introducing the Hobot Legee Lulu Washing Station - an all-in-one cleaning and charging hub designed for the Hobot Legee D8. This compact and innovative device is engineered to provide a seamless cleaning and maintenance experience, making it a perfect companion for your Hobot Legee D8.

The Legee LuLu boasts the CNC ContourWash™ technology, featuring dual petite silicon roller brushes that move horizontally while the Legee-D8 moves vertically. This ensures a precise and thorough cleaning of the mop, leaving no spot untouched and preventing any overspill.

One of its standout features is the Dual Roller Brushes – Ultimate Clean. The two brushes roll inward, efficiently scraping off the dirt while the two-motor design ensures that every inch of the mop is cleaned completely.

With InstantDrain™ technology, the Legee LuLu guarantees no messy sediment. The bidet sink under the roller brush moves with the brush to catch and pipe out waste water simultaneously. This not only prevents waste water sediment from falling on the base plate, eliminating blockage, but also frees you from manual maintenance.

The Legee LuLu is equipped with dual motors for high-efficiency wash. The roller brushes roll at a high-speed, and the washing module gradually moves across the mopping cloth, removing all dirt.

This charging and cleaning station does not only recharge your Hobot Legee D8's battery, it also features an auto-water-refilling design, ensuring your Legee D8 is always ready for its next cleaning task. Moreover, the Quick Dry with the 40℃ Direct Blow feature ensures that the damp cloth dries evenly, quickly, and energy-efficiently, thanks to the specially designed wind tunnel.

The Hobot Legee Lulu Washing Station is a testament to innovation and efficiency, simplifying maintenance while maximizing the cleaning power of your Hobot Legee D8. Let it take care of the cleaning, so you can enjoy a spotless home without the hassle.

Technical Specification
Model No
LEGEE LuLu Washing Station
Key Feature
Wash/Dry/Refill/Recharge 4-in-1
Roller Brush
Dual TPU Roller Brushes
Roller Brush Length
Washing Method
CNC Contour Wash™ + Inward Brushing = No Overspill
Roller Brush Spin Rate
600 times/min.
Waste Water Collection
InstantDrain™ : No. Messy Sediment
Dryer Temperature
Dryer Power Consumption
Water Tank Capacity
Clean Water 3.2L
Waste Water 2.8L
Dimensions ( L x W x H )
w/o Ramp 410 x 280 x 390 mm
w/ Ramp 410 x 486 x 390 mm
Input Voltage
100-240 VCA, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption


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