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Meaco 20L Low Energy and 10L, 12L & 20L ABC Range Hose

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A 2 metre hose to be used for continuous drainage on the Meaco 20L Low Energy and Meaco 10L, 12L and 20L ABC Dehumidifiers.

This continuous drainage hose can be purchased separately to allow you to continuously drain water from your dehumidifier without having to frequently empty the water tank. It is ideal for customers who have a dehumidifier situated in a garage, out house or second home. 

The continuous drainage hose is 2m long. We do not recommend using a hose that is any longer as the collected water may not drain efficiently. 

In order to use the continuous drainage hose successfully the dehumidifier must be raised to allow collected water to drain via gravity. The hose must not have any kinks or blockages. For more information on how to set up continuous drainage please see the product instruction manual:

  • The Meaco 20L LE found here
  • The Meaco 10L ABC found here
  • The Meaco 12L ABC found here
  • The Meaco 20L ABC found here


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