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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Eco-Friendly Disposal of Old Appliances with Solenco - Solenco South Africa

Eco-Friendly Disposal of Old Appliances with Solenco

The escalating issue of e-waste, which includes discarded electrical and electronic appliances, is becoming a significant challenge for South Africa. The country reportedly generates around 360,000 tons of e-waste annually, with Gauteng province contributing to 55% of this volume​.

In this scenario, it is crucial for consumers to understand the proper disposal methods of their appliances to prevent an environmental crisis. The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, which holds importers and manufacturers responsible for the environmentally sound management of their products, plays a key role here. However, the success of this initiative could be undermined if consumers remain uninformed about how to handle their old appliances​.

E-waste includes a broad range of appliances and devices, such as domestic appliances, power tools, digital devices and computers, electricity generation and storage devices, lighting, and batteries. These items should never be discarded in regular refuse bins, dumpsites, or landfills, as they often contain potentially harmful materials that could be explosive or toxic. These materials can contaminate surrounding areas as they break down​.

Consumers should also be cautious of companies that promote unsafe practices, like taking appliances to a "smashing centre" for destruction. This practice is not only illegal according to the National Environmental Management Waste Act of 2008, but it could also lead to penalties​.

Discarded appliances require specialised handling, recycling, and treatment by qualified professionals within secure environments. Furthermore, the landfill disposal of e-waste means that valuable resources, which could have been recovered and recycled, have to be newly mined​.

While it might be tempting to simply toss an old appliance into the municipal bin, consumers will find safer and more environmentally responsible alternatives with a little research. For instance, companies like Circular Energy offer a dedicated collection service for used or waste electric or electronic equipment, lighting equipment, and batteries​.

EPR is gradually becoming a fundamental aspect of the South African industry and retail sector. The education and active participation of consumers will be vital in managing e-waste. It's essential to establish a two-way supply chain, making the disposal of e-waste as straightforward and instinctive as purchasing an appliance in the first place​.

In this context, Solenco stands out as a beacon of eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Notably, their Air Purifiers are designed with sustainability in mind, eliminating the use of polystyrene entirely. This demonstrates Solenco's commitment to reducing e-waste and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

There's still much work to be done in managing e-waste, but consumers can make a difference now by choosing sustainable options like Solenco and making full use of available e-waste disposal avenues. Let's work together to create a sustainable future for South Africa.

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