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Gas Heater vs Electric Heater: A South African Perspective - Solenco South Africa

Gas Heater vs Electric Heater: A South African Perspective

When considering a heating solution for your home, you might be caught between two popular options: gas heaters and electric heaters. Each comes with its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we specifically delve into the Mill WiFi Portable Electric Heater - 1200W and compare it with a typical gas heater, with a focus on their implications for your health.

The Mill WiFi Portable Electric Heater - 1200W

The Mill WiFi Portable Electric Heater is a modern, elegant appliance designed with a range of features that make it a solid choice for home heating. It's a lightweight heater, weighing just 4.9kg, that can be easily controlled remotely through the Mill app. This means that even if you're away from home, you can adjust the heater to ensure a comfortable temperature when you return.

The Mill WiFi heater boasts an aluminum heating element for high efficiency and low surface temperature, a tip-over switch and overheat protection for safety, and an open window function that automatically switches off the heater when a window is opened. It also has features like predictive heating and OTA (Over the Air) updates for software improvements​.

In terms of safety, electric heaters are generally less hazardous than gas heaters. They don't require special venting, and there's no risk of carbon monoxide production. However, it's important to keep flammable objects at least two feet away from the heater. The Mill WiFi heater specifically has a child safety lock and commercial lock for additional safety​.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are quite powerful and can heat up a room quickly. They are generally more efficient than electric heaters, converting most of their energy to heat. However, they come with a few significant drawbacks. They produce partially combusted gas, which can be harmful if not properly vented. They also have a shorter service lifespan when compared to electric heaters.

In terms of safety, carbon monoxide is a concern with any gas appliance. It is critical to install a carbon monoxide alarm near the gas heater and ensure that the heater is adequately ventilated to the outside. Gas heaters require regular professional maintenance for safety inspections​.

In conclusion, the choice between a gas heater and an electric heater, such as the Mill WiFi Portable Electric Heater, largely depends on your specific needs and circumstances. While gas heaters offer quick heating and high efficiency, they require proper ventilation and regular maintenance to ensure safety. Electric heaters, like the Mill WiFi heater, are safer and come with many convenient features, but may be more expensive to operate.

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