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FREE Shipping throughout South Africa 🇿🇦
Guide to the best dehumidifier - Solenco South Africa

Guide to the best dehumidifier

At Solenco we have lots of dehumidifiers and they can all do lots of different things and are suitable for a wide range of applications which is great.  On the other hand for many people too much choice is a bad thing and can be confusing.

It is widely known that there are many health benefits of running a dehumidifier. It can reduce allergies by getting rid of mould, dust and mildew, thus reducing the risk of itchy eyes, rashes, sneezing and breathing difficulties.

However, did you know that dehumidifiers also have great benefits for your home or office and furniture?

A less humid environment means that there is less chance of mould developing, not only on your walls but on clothing, furniture, bed sheets, and everything else in the house. This in turn will reduce that lingering ‘musty’ smell developing when there is mould and mildew around.

Clothes will dry faster in a less humid environment and again, won’t smell like mildew. Electronics and tools won’t become rusty, food will remain fresher for longer, and perhaps best of all… less mould, mildew and dust means less cleaning!

When choosing which model is right for you, consider the following things:

  • Consider the size and function of your space – is it domestic or commercial?
  • Think about the level of humidity in the room – your bathroom or kitchen area will be far more humid than most other rooms.
  • Do you want a free-standing dehumidifier that you can move around into different rooms? Or a less obtrusive and more stylish wall-mounted one?

Solenco stock both domestic and commercial dehumidifiers.

Solenco Mini Rechargeable Cupboard Dehumidifier - Suitable for areas of 1m³ 

MeacoDRY ABC 10L Dehumidifier - Phenomenal entry level dehumidifier suitable for up to a 2 bedroom home. 

MeacoDry ABC 20L Dehumidifier- great solution for up to a 5 bedroom house.

Meaco Arete 12L Dehumidifier/ Air Purifier- quietest and most energy efficient dehumidifier that comes with a 5 year warranty & H13 HEPA Filter- ideal for 3 bedroom home

Meaco Arete 20L Dehumidifier/ Air Purifier- 5 year warranty dehumidifier with an H13 HEPA filter and ideal for up to a 5 bedroom home.

Meaco Arete 25L Dehumidifier/ Air Purifier- Biggest dehumidifier in this range with a 5 year warranty and works up to a 6 bedroom home.

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